digiDirect has made significant strides in its commitment to become a more sustainable company. The company recognises the importance of environmental stewardship and social responsibility and has implemented various initiatives and practices aimed at promoting sustainable practices throughout its operations.

digiDirect has implemented specific sustainable initiatives such as digiSeconds and Recycling. These initiatives are aimed at further minimising the company’s environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable approach.

digiSeconds is a new business category that gives our customers the opportunity to purchase pre-owned cameras in store or online. By actively participating in the second-hand camera market, digiDirect promotes the circular economy by extending the lifespan of camera equipment and encourages customers to consider the environmental and economic benefits of purchasing used cameras.

When it comes to digiSeconds, our category managers take several measures to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence in the quality of the equipment. The team carefully inspects and tests all pre-owned cameras before listing them for sale, ensuring they are in proper working condition. Additionally, digiDirect provides detailed product descriptions and offers a warranty or return policy for added assurance.

In summary, digiDirect acknowledges the value and importance of second-hand cameras as a sustainable and accessible option for photography enthusiasts. By providing a dedicated marketplace and ensuring quality assurance, digiDirect promotes the reuse of camera equipment, reduces electronic waste, and encourages customers to embrace the benefits of purchasing pre-owned gear.


digiDirect has placed a strong emphasis on recycling products and promoting sustainable practices both in its physical stores and within its fulfilment centre. The company has implemented comprehensive recycling programs where staff actively participate in recycling efforts, ensuring that photography equipment, stationary, and other materials are properly recycled.

Furthermore, digiDirect encourages staff to reuse materials whenever possible before considering recycling. By fostering a culture of recycling and reusing, digiDirect sets an example within the company and strives to minimise waste and conserve resources. These efforts extend to educating customers about environmentally conscious choices in their photography and printing processes. By promoting sustainable practices, digiDirect empowers its customers to join in the mission of environmental stewardship and make a positive impact on the planet.