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Frequently asked questions - sellers?

How can I be a seller on digiMarketplace?

To sell on digiMarketplace, have a well established professional business offering a premium selection of top-tier products that exemplify quality and reliability. Products on our marketplace must align nd uphold the values that digiMarketplace represent.

How much does it cost to sell on digiMarket?

At digiDirect, we strive to keep commissions and fees simple and minimal.

Will I be locked into a contract?

You have the right to terminate your contract at any time, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

What does the onboarding process involve?

digiDirect Marketplace offers exceptional customer experience and a trusted platform for both sellers and customers. We personally curate our marketplace to ensure our loyal shoppers get the best online experience.

digiDirect Marketplace is a curated platform that thoroughly evaluates all new sellers and accepts them only if they comply with our eligibility standards and uphold digiDirect's values. We are always on the lookout for partners who can provide a fascinating collection of products that are not only secure and long-lasting but also provide our customers with unmatched value for their money.


  1. Apply For a digiDirect Marketplace Shopfront.
  2. We will review your application, discuss the opportunity, and provide a Seller Agreement.
  3. Connect and Build your products. Once the agreement is signed, we will provide you with a checklist and login to the portal, allowing you to start building your products on the marketplace.
  4. Onboarding Get dedicated help to connect and import products with your chosen integration method.
  5. Go live After you integrate your products, we will conduct a final review and launch them for sale on digiDirect!
  6. Start Selling Easily manage your products and orders through your own portal, where you can track your orders, manage fulfilment and view reports.
  7. Receive Payment from digiDirect Receive payments for sold items less the commission and store fees.

We will let you know about upcoming promotions (free and paid) and developments

How do I integrate my products on the website?

There are several ways to connect with our Marketplace. The easiest and quickest way to connect is using the Marketplacer M-Connect.

  • To use M-Connect, you must use Shopify, Magento, Adobe, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Lightspeed, or Maropost (Neto).
  • You can engage a Channel Manager integrator such as Omnivore, ChannelEngine or Comestri. There are a number of others available to assist.
  • You can also utilise an API, XML or a Direct Upload

All have differences in ease and complexities. Please feel free to reach out to discuss which is best for you.

What products can be sold on digiMarket?

digiDirect has a wide range of Consumer Electronics. and similar products that complement our business and customer needs. The Marketplace allows us to expand these ranges and categories. The Marketplace also allows us to try various products over new categories.

As a Seller, you must be able to fulfil direct-to-consumer orders, provide quality imagery and content, and the ability to maintain accurate inventory and account management as set out in our SLAs./p>

Does digiMarketplace offer fulfilment for Marketplace sellers?

No, digiMarket does not offer any fulfilment services for marketplace sellers at the moment

Do I need to use specific packaging?

There is no specific packaging needed. You can use your own, however you are not allowed to use any marketing material such as coupon codes or direct any traffic to your own or any third party websites.

Will digiMarket support me?

The digiMarket team will provide comprehensive support to sellers, guiding them through the entire journey from onboarding to tracking achievements.

How can I be a successful seller on digiMarketplace?

Several factors warrant consideration, and these encompass, but are not confined to:

  • Introducing fresh, high-quality products to your inventory to maintain its appeal and novelty.
  • Rely on a dependable courier service to ensure swift and secure parcel deliveries.
  • Regularly curating your product selection to eliminate items that are not performing well, thus preventing an overwhelming array of choices.