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  1. Open Box MagMod Professional Flash Kit
    Seconds Savings: 23% Open Box MagMod Professional Flash Kit
    PRICE SLASHED $249.00
    digiDirect Price
    $12.00 Off
    Item Note: Open Box items are in limited supply and quantity.
    What's in the box?
    • MagMod Professional Flash Kit includes MagGrip + MagSphere + MagGrid + MagBounce + Gel Holder + Creative Gels
    • MagSphere
    • MagBounce 
    • MagGrid
    • MagGel Holder
    • Creative Gels
    • Red Gel 
    • Orange Gel 
    • Yellow Gel 
    • Green Gel 
    • Blue Gel 
    • Teal Gel 
    • Purple Gel 
    • Magenta Gel 
    • MagGrip 
    New: $308.00
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