Zhiyun-Tech Weebill Lab Master Package

product overview
product overview
  • Versatile Structure
  • Crafted Latch Design
  • Wireless Image Transmission
  • ViaTouch Control System
  • Always in Focus
  • PhoneGo Mode to Unleash Full Potential
  • Double Quick Release Plates
  • Motion Sensor Control
  • Continuous Runtime
  • Automated Advanced Features
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Zhiyun-Tech Weebill Lab Master Package

WEEBILL LAB boasts a flexible and convenient structure that even revolutionizes the whole face. You can keep it upright or handy by attaching the tripod like a hand grip. This is how Zhiyun made WEEBILL LAB filming easy and unique.

Axis Lock Design

WEEBILL LAB is designed with latch on each shaft making it easy to balance. You can lock some axes while balancing other axes and save the current setting for the next time. It's a versatile device for filmmakers.

Wireless streaming

Wireless streaming on WEEBILL LAB supports real-time observation, frame control, and parameters on your camera. With great compatibility with smartphones and tablets, most digital devices around you are as easy to use as monitors. With live preview and real-time parameter settings, you can create frames and capture from any angle in any view.

Control System - ViaTouch

The ViaTouch control system allows the user to handle all the simple details on the phone screen. You can perform gimbal movements and camera settings differently while simultaneously framing the photos through the same screen. Filming on the camera is as easy as filming on the phone.

Focusing system

The WEEBILL LAB autofocus motor supports precise and smooth focus control for all camera systems. With the focus wheel on the gimbal, you can easily focus when moving and shooting.

PhoneGo mode to open up the new era

Once you hit the Go button, your camera is ready to handle extreme sports. PhoneGo mode allows the gimbal to reach maximum speed and help capture the object accurately. Scene conversion in the camera can be easily achieved in seconds.

Double Quick Release Plates

Double Quick Release Plates (Mafrrotto / Arca-Swiss) allow easy setup and fast switching between devices without re-balancing.

WEEBILL LAB supports various advanced features through ZY PLAY such as panorama, focus timelapse, motion timelapse, long exposure timelapse and so on.

Tripod of convenience

Powerful handholds with rubber coating give you an enjoyable experience when you hold it.

OLED display

The intuitive interface design makes it easy to define connection status, battery level, control mode and camera parameters, giving you complete control over all details.

Balance System 2.0

Balance System 2.0 makes it easy to complete gimbal setup even for beginners. Thanks to the latest latch design and Double Quick Release Plates, you can quickly and perfectly set gimbal and save it in the future.

ZY ecosystem

With three external screw ports, the WEEBILL LAB fits more accessories in Zhiyun's Ecosystem, allowing greater flexibility and creativity than ever before.

  • GTIN - N/A
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Number of Axes3-Axis (Roll, Horizontal, Vertical)
Load Capacity3.0 kg
Battery Runtime10 Hours
BatteryType: 2 x 18650
Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
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What’s In The Box

Zhiyun-Tech Weebill Lab Master Package

  • Weebill Lab Gimbal x 1
  • Handheld Tripod x 1
  • Phone Holder With Crown Gear x 1
  • Servo Zoom/FocusController(MAX) x 1
  • Quick Setup kit x 2
  • Multifunctional Camera Belt x 1
  • Mini Monopod x 1
  • Multifunctional Gimbal Bag x 1

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