Xiaomi Black Shark FunCooler Pro

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product overview
product overview
  • Ice it down in just 1 minute. | 14° temperature drop
  • Quiet Operation
  • iOS / Android APP Control
  • Adjustable Size | Yes you can use this to cool down any phone it physically fits on!

Long gaming sessions, burning noobs, it's not long before your phone starts heating up. To stay fresh and ensure maximum performance the Xiaomi Black Shark FunCooler Pro will have your back. If you have ever asked 'How can I cool my phone?' then this smartphone cooler might be what you are looking for. Inspired by an actual household refrigerator the Black Shark FunCooler Pro combines a freezer chip and a turbo fan, in just one minute it will cool down temperatures by up to 14°C! Mighty impressive for such a small 'clip-on' device powered by your Black Shark phone (also works with any phone it can be mounted on) or an external powerbank via USB-C.

Key Features of the Xiaomi Black Shark FunCooler Pro

  • Ice it down in just 1 minute. | 14° temperature drop
  • Quiet Operation
  • iOS / Android APP Control
  • Adjustable Size | Yes you can use this to cool down any phone it physically fits on!

Xiaomi Black Shark FunCooler Pro Compatibility

The Xiaomi Black Shark FunCooler Pro is compatible with a range of devices such as the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro, iPhone 11 and Galaxy. Basically any phone that can fit within its spring loaded clamps (67-88mm).

Are you unsure if the Xiaomi Black Shark FunCooler Pro will be compatible with your device?

At digiDirect, we pride ourselves on our product knowledge, and the lengths we’ll go to find our customers the gear that is right for them. Our staff are on-hand and ready to help you in any way they can! All you need do is reach out and contact us via our contact form, by giving us a call, or by visiting your local digiDirect store.

High Speed | Low Sound

The FunCooler uses a Thermal Electronic Cooling system, heat is absorbed from the surface of your phone using the Peltier effect and released out through the fan on the back of the unit.

Seven fan blades spin up to 6200 RPM and make quick work of the heat released from the Thermal Electronic Cooling system.
- Wondering how fast 6200 RPM really is? That's twice the speed of a helicopter rotor!

The fan may move unbelievably fast, but the sound level is kept incredibly low for such a powerful cooling device. Black Shark claims it barely sounds louder than a whisper, with the loudest point at the front of the fan recording a sound level of only 34 decibels.

Effective Cooling | 147 Individual Cooling Columns

Take a direct hit to your phone temperatures, there is nowhere for it to hide in the Aluminium heat sink made from 147 cooling columns. Once the fan is activated, dust is also blasted away and your phone starts its descent to icy cold and game-ready.

  • Temperatures drop up to 14°C in just 1 minute
  • The Xiaomi Black Shark FunCooler Pro can hit a shockingly low temperature of -13.9°C after ∼ 10 minutes of runtime

Highly Adaptable Design | Universal Phone fitment (67-88mm)

The Xiaomi Black Shark FunCooler Pro is compatible with and can attach to any phone tht can fit into its 67-88mm spring-loaded clamps. Phones such as iPhone 11 and Galaxy S20 both work in the icy FunCooler grip.

  • Compatible with most phones 67-88mm wide.

The spring-loaded mechanism ensures a constant and firm grip to either side of the phone while protecting the phone surface with silicone non-slip mats.

Show your Style

Show off your gamer style with RGB halo light strip made from 12 LED lights and 34 customizable patterns.

Plug & Play

Simply connect the FunCooler to a USB Type-C charger or powerbank with a power output of 5V/2A or above to activate cooling.

Super Smart | Shark Kit App for Android/iOS

Full backseat control with Bluetooth control via Shark Kit App available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store for download. Cooling levels, light effects and live measurements of the heat sink temperature from a built-in thermometer give you a full breakdown of what';'s happening with your device.

If you don't feel like opening your app, then you don't have to. The fan housing has a simple on/off switch when you don't need all the stats and extras. All it takes to start cooling and bring your fps back up again is a simple flick of a switch.

  • MPN - 89010116A
  • GTIN - 6971409203115
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Product Type Clip-on Phone Cooler
Power Requirements USB-C
Max Speed 6200 RPM
Max Cooling 14°C reduction
Clamp Adjustment Range 67-88mm
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What’s In The Box
  • Xiaomi Black Shark FunCooler Pro
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • User Manual
  • QR Code Card
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