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Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 Head & Carbon Fiber Twin Leg Video Tripod Kit Ground Spreader (129493)

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Product Overview
  • 12 kg Load Capacity
  • Carbon Fiber Legs
  • 49 to 176 cm Height Range
  • Continually Variable Counterbalance
  • Fluid Drag System
  • Illuminated Bubble Level
  • Ground Spreader
  • Padded Tripod Bag



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The Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 Head & Carbon Fiber Twin Leg Video Tripod Kit combines the innovative Nitrotech N12 fluid head with the 2-stage carbon fiber tripod legs and ground spreader, creating an effective combination of stability and smooth, precise control. The legs feature a 100mm half ball with a removable 75mm adapter that permits the mounting of the N12 head. The head features variable pan and tilt drag with independent locks and continuous counterbalance from 0 to 26.45 pounds.

The carbon fiber legs are durable, strong, and resistant to corrosion, especially corrosion caused by exposure to salt water, which aluminum legs are susceptible to. The ground spreader prevents the legs from splaying out, and the lever locks on the legs improve torsional stability so the legs won't shift as you pan. Included with this system is a padded carrying bag for storage and transport.

Nitrotech N12 Video Head

The Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 Video Head features an innovative, continuous counterbalance system based on a nitrogen-piston mechanism. Unlike heads with stepped levels of counterbalance, the Nitrotech N12 can be precisely adjusted to the weight of your camera rig. Adjust the counterbalance by twisting the knob on the left side towards the front of the head. The knob itself can be extended with a pull, adding room useful with a wider camera. With a maximum payload capacity of 26.4 pounds, the Nitrotech N12 is designed to be used with a variety of video or DSLR/MFT camera rigs. This 75mm flat-base head can be used with a half-ball adapter (available separately) for maximum flexibility in mounting to tripods, sliders, hi-hats, or other supports.

The Nitrotech N12 includes several pro-style features for reliable, efficient use of the head. The included camera mounting plate locks in from the side, and it has a sliding design to help balance the rig on the head. Smooth panning and tilting moves are enabled by the Nitrotech N12's variable fluid drag systems. A push-button illuminated bubble at the rear of the head lets you see at a glance if the head is leveled. Unlike some other Manfrotto heads, the N12's controls are on the left side of the head, freeing your right hand to operate the panhandle.

Looking to lessen the weight of accessories on your camera rig? Attach your monitor, rangefinder, light, flag, etc. to the 3/8"-threaded Easy Link Connector built into the side of the Nitrotech N12. This transfers the weight of the accessory away from the camera and to the head, making the camera less top-heavy.

  • Innovative nitrogen-piston counterbalance system provides precise adjustment based on your camera rig's weight
  • Fluid drag system for smooth pan and tilt moves
  • Lightweight head with 75mm flat base can be used with a half-ball adapter (available separately) for flexible configurations when using tripods, sliders etc.
  • An Easy Link Connector is embedded in each panhandle mounting rosette, which enables the attachment of an accessory to the head itself, reducing weight on the camera body
  • Left-sided controls free your right hand for operating the panhandle

Carbon Fiber Twin Leg Video Tripod Legs with Ground Spreader (100/75mm Bowl)

The Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Twin Leg Video Tripod Legs with Ground Spreader is suitable for use on flat, smooth surfaces, and it features carbon fiber tubes that are both strong and lightweight while being corrosion resistant. The legs incorporate a 100mm half bowl and include a 75mm adapter ring, so you can use them with heads that have either a 100 or 75mm half ball. The legs support up to 44.1 pounds, which allows you to mount an appropriately sized fluid head, camera, and accessories without straining the capacity of the legs.

With the included ground spreader attached the height of the legs can be adjusted from just over a foot to over 5 feet high, and the legs collapse to under 28 inches in length for transport and storage. Removing the spreader reveals the dual spiked feet, which are useful for soft surfaces such as gravel, dirt, or sand. The legs weigh a mere 7.21 pounds, making them easy to take almost anywhere you can go.

  • The integrated lever locks are strong, durable, and increase the torsional stability of the legs.
  • The included adapter ring is removable and attaches with three mounting screws. Attaching the adapter converts the 100mm bowl into a 75mm bowl.
  • The ground spreader is well suited for use on smooth and flat surfaces, and securely attach to the tripod's dual spiked feet.


  • GTIN / UPC / EAN: 8024221688733

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Spreader: Ground (Included)
Head Load Capacity: 12.0 kg
Tripod Feet Features: Dual Spiked
Head Type: 75 mm flat base
Center of Gravity: 55 mm
Panning Range: 360°
Tilt Range: +90 to -70°
Payload Range: 4.0 to 12.0 kg
Balance Plate: Sliding, 1/4" and 3/8" Screws
Leveling Bubble: Yes, Illuminated
Tilt Drag: Fluid
Pan Drag: Fluid
Counterbalance System: Continuous, nitrogen piston
Load Capacity: 20.00 kg
Maximum Working Height: 158 cm (with Spreader)
Minimum Working Height: 33.5 cm (with Spreader)
Folded Length: 69 cm
Head Mount Type: 100 mm Bowl
Weight: Leg Weight: 3.27 kg, Head Weight: 2.3kg
Materials: Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
Leg Lock Type: Lever Lock
Leg Positions: Continuously Adjustable
Independent Leg Spread: Yes
Leg Sections: 3

Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 Head & Carbon Fiber Twin Leg Video Tripod Kit Ground Spreader

  • Nitrotech N12 Video Head
  • Panhandle
  • Ruled 504PLONG Plate
  • Carbon Fiber Twin Leg Video Tripod Legs with Ground Spreader (100/75mm Bowl)
  • 100 to 75mm Adapter Ring


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