14169 Gitzo Series 2 GH2781TQD Traveler Center Ball Head with QR Plate 2016 Tripod Heads GITZO

Gitzo Series 2 GH2781TQD Traveler Center Ball Head with QR Plate (125768)

$399.95 399.95
Product Overview
  • Load Capacity: 7

  • Height: 4.7 inch

  • Weight: 0.6

  • Arca-Type Compatible

  • Magnesium

  • Hollow Bubble Ball

  • PTFE Treated Ball and Bushings

  • Single Locking Knob


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The Gitzo Series 2 Traveler Ball Head with QR Plate features an updated quick-release system that accepts both Gitzo C-profile plates, and Arca-type compatible plates as well. This QR system allows the plate to be snapped into the head from above, a faster alternative to sliding in the dovetail plate from the side.

The Series 2 Traveler combines smooth operation, strong-locking materials, and a compact, lightweight design to provide a low-profile ball head that's small and light enough to earn it a spot in any travel bag. The head can support up to 15.4 lb, while weighing only 1.3 lb, thanks in part to its hollow Bubble Ball, which achieves a significant reduction in weight. Like the bushings, the ball is treated with PTFE, a smooth material that coats the metal ball to enable accurate, low-friction adjustments to your camera's positioning.


This simplified center ball head features a single knob for locking pan and tilt. The head features a full 360° panoramic adjustment range and lateral tilt up to 100° for portrait orientation. The included quick-release plate is Arca-type compatible, and detaches from the head via the double quick-release safety system. Bubble levels on the ball head help ensure your camera will be aligned with the horizon.

Double Quick-Release Safety System
The system consists of two pins, one fixed and one manually operated by means of a button, that prevent camera equipment from suddenly dropping out of the head when the quick-release locking knob is released.
Bubble Ball
The Bubble Ball is a completely round, hollow sphere, with an ultra-thin wall that results in significant weight reduction.
PTFE Coating
Gitzo's Bubble Ball also features a PTFE treatment that further reduces the surface's micro-roughness for added accuracy. PTFE is a special treatment that generates a smooth surface, and reduces friction between moving parts. This treatment bonds strongly with metal surfaces and ensures long-lasting performance.
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Gitzo Series 2 GH2781TQD Traveler Center Ball Head with QR Plate

  • Quick Release Plate Standard D Profile

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