14168 Gitzo Series 1 Center Ball Head with Bubble Sphere and QR Plate 2016 Tripod Heads GITZO

Gitzo Series 1 Center Ball Head with Bubble Sphere and QR Plate (125767)

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Product Overview
  • Load Capacity: 10

  • Weight: 0.5

  • Magnesium

  • Separate Pan Lock

  • 360° Panning

  • Spring Assisted Double Lock

  • Double QR Safety System

  • Bubble Ball

  • Bubble Levels

  • Arca-Type Compatible QR Plate


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The Gitzo Series 1 Center Ball Head is a lightweight magnesium ball head with an Arca-type compatible quick release plate that incorporates many innovative features. It is designed to match the range of high performance tripods available from Gitzo. Weighing only 1.1 lb, this lightweight ball head can support 22 lb, 20x its own weight.

A large locking knob controls the movement of the ball, while a separate lock controls the 360° panning motion. The Spring Assisted Double Lock combines two locking systems in one to maximize locking power and ball smoothness.

A double quick release safety system consists of two safety pins to protect your camera from falling from the head when the locking knob is released.


Series 1
Recommended for use with Series 1 tripods.
Safe Grip
This material provides a safe lock between your camera and the QR plate, reducing camera twist.
Spring Assisted Double Lock
A high friction metal guarantees a high efficiency lock, and the PTFE bushing - controlled by a pre loaded spring - maximizes smoothness and control.
Double Quick Release Safety System
The quick release system consists of two pins, one fixed and one manually operated by means of a button. This design prevents heavy equipment (such as long lenses, spotting scopes, etc.) from suddenly dropping out of the head when the quick release locking knob is released.
Bubble Ball
The Bubble Ball is produced as a completely round hollow sphere, with an ultra thin wall for weight reduction. The Bubble Ball also features a PTFE treatment that further reduces the surface micro roughness.
Bubble Levels
The three bubble levels on the ball head allow you to always keep one bubble in front of you and one on the side, both for horizontal and vertical compositions. This helps ensure leveling accuracy in any position.
Extended Tilt Range
This head offers independent pan and tilt locks with 360° pan movement, +95/-13° tilt movement, and a graduated engraved panoramic base.
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Gitzo Series 1 Center Ball Head with Bubble Sphere and QR Plate

  • Quick Release Plate Standard D Profile

  • GC90X170A0 3.5x7 inch Anti-Dust Bag, Series 1

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