14018 3 Legged Thing 3QR4 38x38mm Quick Release Plate 2019 Tripod Head Accessories 3 LEGGED THING

3 Legged Thing 3QR4 38x38mm Quick Release Plate (125466)

$29.00 29.00
Product Overview
  • Spare or Replacement 38x38mm QR Plate

  • Arca-Type Compatible

  • Peak Design Capture Clip Compatible

Shipping: $9.90

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The 3QR4 Quick Release Plate from 3 Legged Thing is a spare or replacement 38x38mm QR plate for the AirHed 3, AirHed Mohawk, AirHed Light, and AirHed 360 ball heads. This plate can also be used with most Arca-type compatible clamps and Peak Design Capture Clips. The plate has a rubber coating on the top to help prevent camera twist.
No available specification for this product.

3 Legged Thing 3QR4 Quick Release Plate


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