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Sevenoak Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head Adapter (SK-GH04) (127205)

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The SevenOak Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head Adapter converts any ball head with an Arca-style quick release clamp into a gimbal head, designed to make shooting with heavy telephoto lenses significantly easier.

Improves Camera Handling

Shooting hand-held with a large lens can be difficult and even when you using a tripod and ball head it can still be a struggle. Connecting the gimbal head adapter to a heavy duty ball head makes the camera and lens more balanced and dramatically improves manoeuvrability.

Better Subject Tracking

The SK-GH04 gimbal head adapter allows you to easily track the movement of fast moving subjects both horizontally and vertically. It is ideal for use with long and heavy telephoto lenses while shooting, birds in flight, motor racing and other sporting events.

Camera Pan, Tilt and Roll

The gimbal head adapter offers fluid panning and tilting of the camera and lens. While the ball head provides a panning function for horizontal tracking, the adapter allows the lens to rotate around its centre of gravity, providing a tilt movement for keeping moving objects in the centre of the frame.

Secure Camera-Lens Mounting

The quick-release clamp grips the plate attached to the lens’s tripod mounting collar ensuring a solid connection between camera and tripod. The adapter includes an Arca-Swiss Style plate and can support a maximum load of 20kg.

Strong and Light Weight

The Sevenoak Gimbal Head Adapter is constructed from carbon fibre making it lightweight, while also providing excellent strength capable of holding heavy camera and lens combinations.

NOTE: The Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head Adapter requires an Arca-Swiss Style heavy Duty Ball Head to attach to a tripod

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Sevenoak Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head Adapter (SK-GH04)
  • Arca-Swiss Compatible QR Plate


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