12744 WenPod MD2 Stabiliser Digital for DSLR with 3-Axis motorised Gimbal (WP-MD2) 2102 Camera Stabilizers WENPOD

WenPod MD2 Stabiliser Digital for DSLR with 3-Axis motorised Gimbal (WP-MD2) (123076)

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Product Overview
  • Intelligent & Compact

  • A.I. Stabilized Fast Setup in just 5 minutes

  • Multi-Mode

  • All new aluminum material

  • Smart battery, Longer battery life

  • Powerful motor precision control

  • Support most camera

  • Replaceable battery


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The lightweight Stabiliser Digital for DSLR with 3-Axis motorised Gimbal from WenPod supports a variety of cameras including DSLRs, compact size, mirrorless, and cinema cameras weighing less than 3000g  (including lens and accessories). The MD2 3-axis gimbal stabilizer uses the Artificial Intelligent (A.I.) algorithms and Neuron technology. It is equipped with high precision, high power, and silent brushless motor with sensor and independent CPU ensuring smooth, stabilizing motion.

Intelligent & Compact
WenPod MD2 is a next generation 3-axis gimbal, in terms of world's most advanced A.I. technology, world's smallest form factor and its featherweight in it's class. MD2 helps bring videographer's video to the next level.

A.I. Stabilized Fast Setup In Just 5 Minutes
WenPod MD2 is the first in this industry to apply it's self proprietary A.I. algorithm and Neuron Technology to gimbal device. All 3-axis brushless motors are incorporated with independent CPU, making the stabilizing motion as smooth as silk. It is the only gimbal in the market to use fully automatic calibration technology, which greatly reduces the down time of the device.

WenPod MD2 can be handled in 4 different mode of working position. Some of it's built-in function, like Follow-Me Mode, will be automatically activated by gesture

All New Aluminum Material
WenPod MD2 is made of premium grade aluminum in order to achieve lightweight and durability. With the spectacular all-inone industrial design, MD2 can be use in both heavy and light duty working environment.

Smart Battery Longer Battery Life
WenPod MD2 has a long battery life, which can last for Up to 6 hours of continuous use. Overcharge protective PCB is built-in. Battery life is clearly shown on it's LED meter with a touch of a button.

Powerful Motor Precision Control
WenPod MD2 is built with their self-proprietary, high precision, high power and silent brushless motor with sensor and independent CPU. The precision control is Up to +/- 0. 01 degree.

Support Most Camera
WenPod MD2 is built to fit different variety of camera, from compact size camera, mirror-less camera, DSLR to Cinema camera.

Replaceable Battery
Premium grade Lithium Polymer battery with built-in protective circuit board and fast charging technology. It can be charged independently on desktop charger (Optional accessory).

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WenPod Stabiliser Digital for DSLR with 3-Axis motorised Gimbal
  • 2 x Focus-Tracking Tube

  • Handle Bar

  • Smart Battery

  • Charging Adapter

  • Portable Protective Case


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