Welcome to digiSeconds+
We call it digiSeconds+ (plus) because it's about more than just second-hand gear.
All our second-hand gear is quality tested and cleaned before we stamp it ready for sale and put our minimum 3-month guarantee on it, sometimes it's more. Then there's our factory refurbished equipment and our Open Box department. Factory refurbished equipment is just that, it's equipment that, for some reason or another, has been returned to the factory for inspection and where necessary has been thoroughly cleaned and had parts replaced to be brought back to the manufactures standard. In most cases 'Refurbished Equipment' will be sold with a full manufacturer's warranty. Items sold as 'Open Box' are brand new, they just may or may not have a box. Either because we bought them that way or we've opened the box. These are often end-of-life stock or ex-display items and may have minor cosmetic imperfections. In most cases 'Open Box' items carry the full manufacturer's warranty. If there's a variance from the full manufactures warranty this will be clearly pointed out.
Do you have items you'd like to trade in with us?
We need to see your equipment.
We'll evaluate your gear and work out what we can give you for it. So you need to come into store. The evaluation should only take a few moments then we can move on to the fun part of looking at getting you into some new gear. Find your nearest digiDirect store here: https://www.digidirect.com.au/store-locator
What you'll need to bring with you.
Obviously, bring your gear it needs to be working. We like digital and 35mm film cameras of any brand, lenses flash gear and accessories. Show us everything you have and we'll tell if it's of value. You'll also need 2 forms of ID, one at least must be a photo ID to comply with current laws. At this stage we are not buying second-hand equipment outright but this will change in the near future so please feel free to ask.
Why would I trade in my equipment and not sell it on eBay?
Indeed, you could do that, and you may or may not get more for it. But do you really need the hassle? Waiting for people to turn up, the security issues? The arranging postage, and getting your gear down to the post office. Then there are the returns and dealing with all the questions and emails. Leave it to us and get into your next dream camera or the latest electronic gear sooner than you think.