Syrp 67mm Variable Neutral Density Filter Kit

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product overview
product overview
  • Variable 0.3-2.55 Density

  • Reduce Exposure by 1 to 8.5 Stops

  • Greater Control Over Exposure Settings

  • Anti-Reflective and Protective Coating

  • Optical Glass Construction

  • Index Markings on Ring

  • Knurled Aluminum Alloy Filter Ring

  • 58-67mm and 52-67mm Step-Up Rings

  • Includes Cleaning Cloth and Leather Case

Offering the versatility to fine-tune exposure reduction between 1 and 8.5 stops, the 67mm Variable Neutral Density Filter Kit from Syrp contains an ND filter along with two step-up rings to further extend its use on lenses of varying diameters. The 0.3-2.55 density can easily be controlled by rotating the front filter ring, allowing you to slow your shutter speed or work with a wider aperture setting than normally required. By offering the ability to adjust different density values, this filter can effectively be used in a wide range of situations and controlled to meet your exposure needs.

The optical glass substrate is set within an aluminum alloy filter ring, which features knurled edges for enhanced grip when manipulating the density value or when installing or removing the filter. Additionally, the ring is visually demarcated with index points for repeatable control when adjusting settings. The glass construction is also coated in order to minimize surface reflections and provide greater image contrast and clarity.

Additionally, also included in this kit are two step up rings-58-67mm and 52-67mm-to further extend the versatility of this filter. Both of these step-up rings enable the attachment of this 67mm filter to lenses of smaller diameters.

  • Variable density filter allows you to dial in differing amounts of density from scene to scene
  • 0.3 to 2.55 density filter darkens the image, allowing you to photograph with a longer shutter speed or wider aperture than normally required
  • Providing a reduction of 1 to 8.5 stops, this filter allows you to control depth of field and convey movement more easily
  • When used by filmmakers, this filter helps to eliminate the rolling shutter effect associated with faster shutter speeds.
  • Optical glass substrate is coated to minimize surface reflections and glare for greater image contrast and clarity. Additionally, this coating also protects the surface of the filter from fingerprints, scratches, and other elements.
  • The aluminum alloy filter ring measures 9mm-thick and has front threads for stacking additional filters or attaching a lens cap.
  • This kit includes two step-up rings to enable the attachment of the 67mm variable ND filter to lenses featuring smaller front filter thread diameters. Both 58-67mm and 52-67mm rings are included, and both are made from 3mm-thick aluminum alloy.
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Filter TypeVariable ND
TypeSolid neutral density
Size58 mm
Density3.0 (ND1000) [10 stop]
Circular Size67 mm
EffectPermits an increased exposure
Front Thread / Bayonet67 mm
ConstructionClear optical glass and aluminum ring
Filter MaterialGlass
Front Filter Thread Size58 mm
Front Lens Cap Size58 mm
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What’s In The Box

Syrp 67mm Variable Neutral Density Filter Kit

  • 58-67mm Step-Up Ring

  • 52-67mm Step-Up Ring

  • Lens Cloth

  • Leather Filter Case

  • Warranty

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