SkyWatcher SW130P-AZGTE 130/650 REFLECTOR MINIAZ GOTO WIFI controlled with Tripod

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product overview
product overview
  • Motorized Computer-Controlled AZ Mount
  • Built-In WiFi Module for Remote Control
  • Free Android & iOS SynScan Pro WiFi App
  • 42,900+ Object Database

See the giant planets such as Jupiter and Saturn and their moons, nebulae and clusters. The SkyWatcher 130/650 Mini AZ-GTE WIFI Reflector Telescope is a fantastic telescope for the beginning amateur astronomer. It has the benefits of gathering 193% more light than a 76mm telescope and 90% more than a 114mm reflector showing better the main details in nebulae and cluster. With a maximum practical magnification of 260x this Sky-Watcher Telescope will reveal details in Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s bands, the Martian polar ice caps, and the phases of Venus and the moon.

Sky-Watcher guarantees diffraction-limited optics for outstanding quality. The aluminised primary mirror is aspheric (parabolic profile) offering an optical system free from spherical aberration. The secondary mirror is thin to allow fast cooling and it is held by extra thin spider supports for minimal diffraction spike effects on bright stars and increased contrast.

The MINI AZ-GTe Mount – WiFi-controllable with iOS and Android and compatible with SynScan hand controller, allowing it for smooth tracking and alignment. Use Wifi to control the telescope wirelessly with your mobile device; smartphone or tablet.

Key Features of the SkyWatcher 130/650 Mini AZ-GTE WIFI Reflector Telescope

  • Aperture: 130mm
  • Focal Diameter: 650mm
  • Aluminised mirrors
  • Gathers 30% more light than the 114mm, resulting in better image resolution and a brighter image
  • Smooth rack and pinion 3.17cm focuser
  • Red dot finderscope
  • 2 Eyepieces Super 10mm (65x) & Super 25mm (26x)- 3.17cm Barrel


  • Motorized alt-azimuth design
  • Integrated WiFi module allows for direct connection to smartphones without the need for routers or Internet connection
  • DC servo motors precisely move the mount on both axes with minimum vibration
  • SNAP port allows optional remote shutter-release cables to be connected to mount for advanced astrophotography
  • Runs on eight user-supplied AA batteries or optional 12 VDC power cord

SynScan App

  • Free app for Android and iOS devices
  • Align, move, and control mount wirelessly
  • Automatic day, date, time, and location using the device's GPS unit
  • 42,900+ object database, similar to the conventional SynScan hand controller
  • Sky tour shows best deep-sky objects visible at a specific day/date/time
  • Solar, lunar, sidereal tracking rates
  • Slew speeds: 0.5x, 1x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 400x, 600x, Max (800x/3.4°/sec)
  • Assisted nighttime and daytime alignment procedures
  • Periodic error correction (PEC) allows user to train out intrinsic tracking errors and save them into the permanent memory to improve GoTo and tracking accuracy over time
  • Backlash compensation eliminates the backlash experienced when gears stop and settle for improved GoTo and slewing accuracy
  • DSLR shutter release and exposure control enable long-exposure, time-lapse, and other advanced astrophotography techniques to be controlled by the app through the SNAP port on mount

Database Details

  • Solar system, including moon, sun, and planets
  • NGC catalogue
  • IC catalogue
  • Messier catalogue
  • Caldwell catalogue
  • SAO catalogue
  • Named stars
  • Double (binary) stars
  • Variable stars
  • User-defined celestial and terrestrial objects

Tripod and Extension Pier

  • Adjustable-height aluminium-legged tripod
  • Max height: 43.3"
  • Max leg spread: 42.3"
  • Spiked feet provide greater stability on rough, uneven, and soft ground
  • Center tray holds accessories such as eyepieces, filters, phones, and flashlights
  • Extension pier placed between the tripod and mount head adds height for more comfortable viewing without sacrificing stability or increasing vibration when the OTA is pointed at or near the zenith

Note:* Download the SynScan App from Google Play or the App Store.

  • MPN - SW130P-AZGTE
  • GTIN - 9334046009729
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Encoders No
Optical design Newton Reflector
Aperture 130cm
Focal Length 650cm
Focal Ratio f/5
Resolving Power 0.92″
Stellar Limit Magnitude 13.3
Highest Practical Magnification 260X
Light gathering power (compared to the unaided eye) 345
Focuser Diameter 3.17cm
Recommended Usage Viewing Moon and Planets Deep Sky
Height Adjustment Range 110 cm
Materials Aluminum Alloy
Voltage DC12V
Load Capacity 4kg
Mount Weight 1.3kg
Motor DC
Dimensions 14cm x 9cm x 14cm
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  • SkyWatcher 130/650 Mini AZ-GTE WIFI Reflector Telescope
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