Manfrotto Sympla MVA511WK-1 Shoulder System

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product overview
product overview
Manfrotto's MVA511WK Sympla Shoulder System is a fully customisable component rig system, but a limited number of pre-configured kits is also available to provide ''off-the-shelf'' answers to the most common requirements for HDSLR rigs. The Shoulder Support System is one of these kits, and allows support of camera equipment on the shoulder, with swivel-joint Adjustable Handles for both hands.
Hybrid HDSLR cameras and ever-smaller pro camcorders are changing videography dramatically; yet along with the obvious advantages and opportunities presented by smaller, lighter cameras, come new problems to solve: as ENG camera operators use smaller cameras, and photographers are expected to shoot broadcast-quality video footage on their HDSLRs, both groups are finding that their camera equipment doesn't have the ergonomic form for steady shoulder-mounted or hand-held footage; nor the attachment points for monitors, batteries, light-modifiers or accessories; nor the inherent weight that helps minimise camera shake.

SYMPLA is Manfrotto's solution to those problems: a professional modular video rig system that extends and complements new cameras, allows for stable support and framing, supports essential accessories features, offering versatility and high performance as well as comfort, safety and much simpler and faster set up than existing rigs. SYMPLA is built for flexibility and speed, so you can change anything and everything easily and quickly: hand grip positions, counterbalance, camera body, lens, accessories, filters, light-shielding angle; shoulder-supported, hand-held, or tripod/monopod-mounted - whatever you need to get the shot, the second you need it. SYMPLA is quick to fine-tune, so even when you need to make changes to your rig on-location and mid-shoot, SYMPLA's minimal locks and tool-free adjusters will let you get back to shooting quickly. Thanks to our revolutionary camera remotes which fit the rig handgrips, SYMPLA also allows precise fingertip control of framing and camera functions without taking your eye off the viewfinder or your hands off the rig, helping you capture stable, usable, creative footage. And SYMPLA can quickly be extended: whether you start from one of our kits, or from single components, you can build the exact rig you need for the shot, as soon as you need it.

With a wide range of components for different applications - like the unique Flexible Mattebox, the versatile Variable Plate, the innovative Remote Controls - customised SYMPLA supports and accessories can be assembled in seconds, without tools. You can shoot shoulder-mounted for responsive eye-level footage; with innovative supports like the Fig Rig that open up new creative possibilities; or on the stable platform of a monopod or tripod... and you can switch quickly between them all. SYMPLA products are developed and engineered for ease and speed of set-up, and to make configuration of the basic components as flexible and fast as possible; so even a change of application, like completely changing the mattebox system from tripod-mounted to shoulder-supported, is quick and easy.

A Horizontal Offset element helps place the Variable Plate (to which the camera is attached) in front of your eye while shooting for better, more comfortable control of framing. The Shoulder Support is ideal for use with Manfrotto's new HDSLR Remote Controls, which put camera functions at your fingertips while letting you keep a firm grip on both handles. Kit comprises: 300 mm Rods (2), Sympla Shoulder Pad, Sympla Variable Plate, Sympla Adjustable Handles, Sympla H- Offset, Clips (2). We recommend: Counterweight, Mattebox, Remote Controls.

Included Accessories

300 mm Rods (2)
Sympla Shoulder Pad
Sympla Variable Plate
Sympla Adjustable Handles
Sympla H-Offset
Clips (2)


Weight: 3.66 kg

***Camera accessories not included***
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