Manfrotto SYMPLA MVR911EJCN Deluxe Electronic Remote Control for Canon

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product overview
product overview
One of the world's first true electronic HDSLR remote controls, the Manfrotto MVR911EJCN Deluxe Electronic Remote Control for Canon HDSLRs lets you react quickly to changing contexts and creative inspiration.
The Manfrotto's MVR911EJCN promises real innovation in the field of HDSLR filming by circumventing the need for any physical contact with the camera and lens for focus and other film/photo operations, instead wiring directly into the camera body to use the internal systems to electronically control focus and advanced camera operations and settings.

The advantages are obvious: lenses can be swapped easily without extra hardware or adjustment, nothing jolts the camera unexpectedly during focus, one-man camera operation is easier and safer, and control at a distance is as simple as extending the cable between the camera and the remote.

Key Features

- 3-step, ultra-precise focus speed
- Fixed or variable focus control modes
- Customizable focus speed limit
- Focus Memory settings
- Live View control
- Auto Focus control and Auto Focus point selection
- Live View Digital Zoom control
- Video recording start/stop
- Photo shutter release
- Remote control and camera battery status
- Customizable focus direction
- Shutter speed
- Aperture
- Colour temperature
- Exposure level

The LCD screen on the Deluxe Remote relays general information from the camera, such as battery charge level, white balance temperature and memory card status "“ especially useful if the camera's on-body screen is inaccessible:

- Camera Control Dial
- Exposure Level Indicator
- Camera Battery Check
- Camera Mode
- Video Mode
- Remote Control Battery Check
- Aperture Indicator
- Shutter Speed
- Colour Temperature Indicator
- ISO Indicator

The Deluxe Remote Control is ideal for use as one of the hand grips of a SYMPLA rig, where it means that a single camera operator can properly support the weight of the camera and rig to ensure smooth, accurate framing and movement, while also controlling all camera functions, without removing either hand from the rig. The Deluxe version can also be used hand-held and away from the camera and its support, it can be attached to video head pan bars or set up in any number of alternative configurations. Compatible with Canon's EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 1D Mark IV, EOS 7D, EOS 60D, EOS 600D, EOS 550D, EOS 500D. The USB connection also permits occasional firmware upgrades
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