Manfrotto Sympla MVA524W Vertical-Offset

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product overview
product overview
The Manfrotto MVA524W SYMPLA V-Offset is made up of two SYMPLA Universal Mounts and a height-adjustable spacer between them. The Offset allows two sets of rods to run parallel at different heights.
One reason for using the Offset is to raise or lower rails for positioning a matte box. Another reason is to bridge height differences when using SYMPLA Body Support or Lens Support accessories. A Body or Lens Support is used in combination with an L-bracket to support a long lens on a rig. If the lens has a tall front lens element that creates a height difference between the camera body, the lens front and the L-bracket, and the height difference can't be bridged by the Body or Lens Support alone, then the V-Offset can be used to get the job done. You can also get creative with the Offset by making use of the screw-holes offered by the Universal Mounts it consists of.

A SYMPLA Universal Mount is used to attach various SYMPLA and non-SYMPLA accessories to SYMPLA rods or to any other standard-size 15mm rods. The device features an open hook design, four 3/8" screw-holes, and two 1/4" screw-holes. Into the open hooks you would slide in your rods. And into the screw-holes you can attach pretty much any 3/8" and 1/4" accessory. On the inside of the open hooks is a spring-loaded flat bar that you would press on with the rods as you slide the rods in. Once the rods are in, you can lock a lever to secure them tight in place. However, even before you lock the lever, the spring loaded bar will press up against the rods, keeping them in place -- not securely but firmly enough to keep the Mount from sliding off of the rods. (The lever is repositionable. The looser you keep it, the weaker the flat bar will be.)

The upside-down way the Mounts are positioned in the makeup of the V-Offset ends up partly hiding some of the screw-holes, but not completely and only some of them.

Key Features

- Allows Two Sets of Parallel Rods
- Raise or Lower Rails in Matte Box Uses
- Bridge Support Gear Height Differences
- Mount Gear via 3/8" and 1/4" Screw-Holes
- Made Up of Two SYMPLA Universal Mounts

Adjustable Vertical Offset

- Allows two sets of rods to run parallel at different heights
- Lets you raise or lower the rods when positioning a matte box
- Features 3/8" and 1/4" screw-holes for use (some end up hidden)
- Bridges height differences in SYMPLA Body/Lens Support applications
- Made up of two SYMPLA Universal Mounts and a height-adjustable spacer

SYMPLA Universal Mount

- Attaches onto 15 mm rods and takes on 3/8" and 1/4" accessories
- Features an open hook design and four 3/8" and two 1/4" screw-holes
- A spring-loaded flat bar keeps a firm hold / a lock lever keeps secure hold
- Some SYMPLA gear you can attach: Flexible Mattebox, Shoulder Pad, Adjustable Handles


Rod Compatibility: SYMPLA rods, Standard 15 mm rods
Mounts: The V-Offset is made up of two SYMPLA Universal Mounts. Each Mount features four 3/8" screw-holes and two 1/4" screw-holes
Weight Approx: 0.58 kg
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