Manfrotto Sympla MVA511W Shoulder Pad

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product overview
product overview
The Manfrotto MVA511W SYMPLA Shoulder Pad component gives a SYMPLA video rig a solid point of contact and support for secure and smooth off-tripod shooting, without physical strain.
The anatomically curved, soft rubber-covered pad is fitted to a SYMPLA Universal Mount, so it can quickly be attached to (or detached from) SYMPLA rods. The Shoulder Pad can also be attached upside down and used as a point of contact with the operator's chest or stomach... especially useful in combination with the SYMPLA FIg Rig for further stabilising hand-held shots, or when the SYMPLA rig is fitted on a monopod, to prevent unwanted movement or pivoting. The part of the Shoulder Pad that normally goes behind the camera operator's back has a 3/8" thread to hold one or more SYMPLA Counterweights and balance the front-mounted load.

The Shoulder Pad also functions as a point of contact for the chest or stomach when mounted upside down, an especially useful configuration when used with a SYMPLA Fig Rig.

Key Features

- Anatomically curved, soft rubber-covered

- Attaches to the Rods of a SYMPLA Rig
- Mounts Upside Down for Chest and Stomach
- 3/8" Thread for Optional Counterweights


Mount: 3/8" thread for optional counterweights
Weight: 0.98 kg
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