Studio Deluxe III L-398A SEKONIC

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Product Overview

Sekonic L-398A Studio Deluxe III Meter uses an environmentally-friendly sensor made from Amorphous silicon and Sekonic can continue to offer the popular L-398 battery-free
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The L-398A offers both "Still" and "Cine" shooters the familiar features and repeatable accuracy expected from Sekonic. Educators and students won't be left without their favorite meter!

Key Features

- Amorphous silicon light sensor (meets today's industry standards)
- Needle lock for quick and easy measurement readings
- Memory pointer for quick and easy reference to your last measured value
- Swivel head and needle lock facilitate easy and accurate readings
- Selenium photocell eliminates need for batteries Lumidisc for adjusting illumination contrast and measuring illumination intensity
- Lumigrid for measuring reflected light


Measuring System: Incident light type, reflected light measurement is also possible
Measuring Modes: Ambient incident and reflected
Receptor Head: Rotating, interchangeable receptor.
Aperture/Shutter Priority: No
Display Readout: Indicator needle
ISO Range: 6 To 12,000; Measuring Range: EV4 ~ EV17 (for incident light) EV9 ~ EV17 (for reflected light)
f/Stop Display Range: f0.7 - 128
Shutter Speed - Ambient: 1/8000 to 60 sec.
Shutter Speed - Flash: None
EV Range (ISO-100): EV 4 to 17
Cine Speeds: 8 to 128fps
Exposure Memory: No
Shadow/Highlight Calculation: No
Brightness Difference: No
Flash to Ambient Ratio: No
Multiple Flash: No
Exposure Calibration: No
Power Source: Selenium photocell (no battery needed); Amorphous silicon light sensor
Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.3 x 1.3" (112 x 58 x 34 mm) WDH
Weight: 6.7 oz (190 g)
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TypeAnalog exposure meter for ambient light
Display Range Analog Scale Shutter Speed60 sec. to 1/8000 sec. (in 1, 1/2 or 1/3 steps)
Battery Power Indicator DisplayBattery Capacity Checker Button and Guide Needle
Battery(Power)Self-powered: Selenium photocell eliminates need for batteries
Receptor HeadRotating Domed Head 90 to the right, 180 to the left, Removeable for Contrast Reading
Light Receiving MethodIncident light and reflected light
Receptor Incident LightInterchangeable Lumisphere and Lumidisc
Receptor Reflected LightInterchangeable Lumigrid
Light Receptor ElementAmorphous silicon photocell
Measuring Modes Ambient Light- Aperture priority metering - EV metering - Shutter priority metering
Measuring Range (ISO 100) Ambient Light- Incident light: EV 4 to EV 17 - Reflected light: EV 9 to EV 17
Display Range Aperturef/0.7 to f/128.0 (in 1, 1/2, 1/3 steps)
Display Cine Speeds fps8 fps -128 fps
Calibration Constant IncidentLumisphere C = 340
Calibration Constant ReflectedK = 12.5
Display Range Film SpeedISO 6 to 12000 (in 1/3 steps)
Display Range Shutter Speeds Ambient60 min to 1/8000 sec. (in 1, 1/2, 1/3 steps)
Repeatability Repeat Accuracy:(+/-) 0.3 EV or less
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Sekonic Studio Deluxe III L-398A Light Meter
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