Aquatech EDGE Canon R6 Sport Housing - GREY (10319)

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product overview
product overview
  • Aquatech EDGE Water Housing for Canon EOS R6
  • Lightweight and compact design, specifically for mirrorless cameras
  • Depth rating of 10m
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Construction: Polycarbonate body, stainless steel controls as well as hard anodised aluminium controls
  • Controls: Menu, rate, on/off, multi-controller left & right, AF-ON, AE lock, AF point selection, erase button, playback, magnify, “Q” button, info, quick control dial 1, quick control dial 2.
  • Compatible with P-Series Lens Ports and Zoom Gears
  • Compatible Accessories: M3 Pistol Grip, LUX Flash Housing, SYNC Transmitter Housing, Pro Mount V3, Water Housing Body Cap, Side Handle Mount

Please Note: An additional purchase of a lens port is required to correctly use this product if you do not already own a current Aquatech P Series Lens Port.

Care and maintenance must be adhered to as per Aquatech's instructions to ensure this product works correctly. This includes inspecting and checking all seals before every use and re-applying silicone grease as required.

* Camera, lens ports and accessories are shown for demonstration purposes only and are not included.

The Aquatech EDGE Canon R6 Sport Housing - Grey is a culmination of the design principles AquaTech have been perfecting for over 20 years. The EDGE is Aquatech's most compact, advanced, and ergonomic water housing design to date. From the worlds greatest surf and ocean photographers to enthusiast fashion photographers and everyone in between. The EDGE is ready to help you take your underwater photography to new limits.

Key features of the Aquatech EDGE Canon R6 Sport Housing - Grey

  • Underwater Housing Base Only for Canon R5/R6
  • Depth Rated to 10 meters (33 ft)
  • Suits Portrait & Landscape Orientation
  • Raised Glass Eyepiece for Excellent Clarity
  • P Series Port Compatible
  • Right-Hand Grip with Palm Stopper for Added Stability

Compact Size

The EDGE is smaller and lighter than previous Aquatech Elite II Housings and makes moving through the water effortless.

Dual Safety Clips

Purpose-built Safety Locking Clips allow simple and fast setup with robust protection.

Superb Viewfinder Clarity

The glass eyepiece provides full coverage of the camera's EVF while blocking harsh light for a clean and clear view.

Trusted by Professional Surf Photographers

Aquatech housings have been the industry standard and trusted by the world's best water photographers for over 20 years.

Aquatech EDGE Canon R6 Sport Housing - GREY (10319) | Which AquaTech Lens Ports & Extensions are required for my Canon RF Mirrorless Lens?

We know that finding the right combination of lens ports and extensions for the lenses you wish to use with the ProductumNameum can be a little tricky. We've compiled a guide below based on information from AquaTech for what is compatible with this housing, but we highly suggest checking AquaTech's website for the most up to date information*. The recommended accessories section on this page has the relevant products linked for your convenience and feel free to check out this page for our full range of AquaTech products.

Please Note: If you are going to use the Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R we recommend calculating up the total lens length to make sure it fits in your chosen ports or contact AquaTech support.

If you are still unsure then you can rest easy, as our staff are on-hand and ready to help you in any way they can! All you need do is reach out and contact us via our contact form, by giving us a call, or by visiting your local digiDirect store.

Canon RF Zoom Lenses Compatible with the Aquatech EDGE Canon R6 Sport Housing - GREY (10319):

  • Canon 15-35mm f/2.8 RF
    Lens Length: 127mm
    AquaTech Lens Port: P-145 and PD-140
    or PD-85 + P-70ex
    AquaTech Zoom Gear: CZ 15-35 2.8
  • Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 RF
    Lens Length: 144mm
    AquaTech Lens Port: TBA
    AquaTech Zoom Gear: TBA
  • Canon 24-105mm f/4 RF
    Lens Length: 107mm
    AquaTech Lens Port: P-145
    AquaTech Zoom Gear: SG 18-35mm F/1.8

Canon RF Prime Lenses Compatible with the Aquatech EDGE Canon R6 Sport Housing - GREY (10319):

  • Canon 35mm f/1.8 RF
    Lens Length: 78mm
    AquaTech Lens Port: P-80
    AquaTech Zoom Gear: N/A
  • Canon 50mm f/1.2 RF
    Lens Length: 108mm
    AquaTech Lens Port: P-100
    AquaTech Zoom Gear: N/A

AquaTech Port Selection Information

  • PD-65: This is a dome port designed for the Fisheye lens and primarily used above water.
  • PD-135: This is a dome port primarily designed for the Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 & 16-35mm f4.
  • PD-85: This is a large dome port with an element machined from a 9" Diameter dome. This is primarily used for underwater and over/under shots. The port has an outer diameter of 8" and an overall height of 4".
  • Flat Element Ports: All other ports are equipped with flat elements. For best results, the lens elements should be as close as possible to the port element. These ports are used mainly for above-water shooting. All Flat Elements have SAR coating.
  • P-30Ex, P-50Ex and P-70Ex: These are extension rings that increase the length of the port by 30mm or 70mm. The ring screws onto the housing and the port screws into the ring.

* list compiled March 2021, guide only.

  • MPN - 17840
  • GTIN - 810778014273
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Construction Polycarbonate body
Marine-grade Stainless Steel 316 controls
Hard-Anodized Aluminum controls, Safety Clips (two actions)
Controls On/Off
L & R on Multi-Controller
AF-ON, AE Button
AF Point Selection Button
Magnify/Reduce Button
Q Button
Info Button
Quick Control Dial 1
Quick Control Dial 2
Playback, Trash
Set Button
Dimensions Width: 204 mm
Height: 176 mm
Front to Back: 130mm
Weight 1.25Kg
Depth Rating 10 meters
Supports Canon R6
Port Systems P Series Lens Ports
Lighting Options Lux Flash Housing and Sync Transmitter Housing
Optional Grip System M3 Pistol Grip
Mounts V3 Pro Mount
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What’s In The Box
  • Aquatech EDGE Canon R6 Sport Housing - GREY (10319)
  • Cable Release
  • Main Side Handle
  • Palm Stopper Side Handle
  • Instruction Card
  • Camera Setup Tips
  • Tool Kit
  • Silicon Grease
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