GreenClean Sensor Cleaning System for DSLR Cameras - Non Full Frame

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product overview
product overview
Including a 400ml spray and a Mini Vac suction system, the Sensor Cleaning System kit will efficiently clean the CCD and CMOS sensors of your digital reflex cameras. Thanks to its secure suction technique, this kit can extract all abrasive particles without damaging your camera, as its suction power removes dust without touching the surface of the sensor.
The Green Clean Sensor Cleaning System is for the photographer on the go. Here's the perfect kit so that you can pack light and still remove dust and smudges from your digital camera's sensor

The Green-Clean Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning System removes loose dust and friction particles from the camera sensor and housing without actually making direct contact with these delicate elements. Also, The Green Clean Full Frame Size Sensor Cleaner contains everything you need to keep your full frame sensor clean. Each of the three (3) enclosed packets contains a wet swab and a dry swab. In addition, each packet is sealed to keep the swabs clean.

Key Features

- To protect the sensor, the mini-vacuum has a specially designed pick-up that avoids abrasion
- Removes harmful contaminants from your sensor
- Good for CCD and CMOS sensors
- The dust and dirt are deposited in a mini-canister, eliminating recontamination

Included Accessories

G-2051 400ml Hi Tech Air + Vacuum Power canister X1
V-3000 Mini Vacuum x1
SC-4050 Pick Up X3
SC-4060 Wet foam swab/Dry sweeper Packs - Non Full Frame X3
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BrandGreen Clean
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