PGI72GY Grey ink tank for PIXM A PRO10 CANON

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Canon's PGi-72 Lucia pigment inks help professionals achieve gallery-quality result by expanding the colour possibilities.
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Canon PGi-72 Lucia ink cartridges offer an increased colour gamut, by virtue of the 10 separate inks that make up the system. These include 3 monochrome ink cartridges, 6 colour ink cartridges, and a chroma optimizer

Canon PGi72 Lucia Colour Pigment Inks
Cyan, Photo Cyan, Magenta, Photo Magenta, Yellow and Red are the six colour pigment inks incorporated into the new Canon PGi72 LUCIA Pigment Ink System that helps increase the colour gamut in all directions to improve the saturation of colours and create deeper and darker blacks. Skin-tone reproduction has been improved to provide a more natural look, eliminating the magenta cast often found when printing portraits. This system allows the professional photographer to achieve new levels of skin tone reproduction, accuracy and quality, so your prints exhibit stunning detail. It also assists in reproducing the vibrant colors of life captured by Canon's well respected EOS Digital SLR cameras.

Canon PGi72 Lucia Monochrome Pigment Inks
Photo Black, Matte Black and Grey are the three monochrome pigment inks incorporated into the new Canon PGi72 LUCIA Pigment Ink System that helps increase the colour gamut in all directions to improve the colour saturation and achieve the desired results for deeper, darker, richer, truer blacks in greyscale photography. The grey monochrome ink is useful in creating a neutral print, allowing for improved accuracy to the way the image was originally captured helping to reduce the need for extensive editing. The use of grey inks when printing color images helps to stabilize the colour inks and even expand the colour range. The matte black and photo black inks are always available to print, ensuring you don’t waste ink by changing photo paper from glossy to matte.

Many professional photographers judge the overall effectiveness and ability of an inkjet printer based upon the output for a black-and-white image. Photographers will experience smooth gradations, suppressed graininess and a reduction in the bronzing and metamerism phenomenon which shows a metallic luster such as iridescence due to the colors in reflected light. These inks deliver enhanced, deep black density to raise your level of professional print quality when creating the dramatic expression of greyscale photography. The monochrome inks also allow you to reproduce smooth, delicate, and natural tonal gradations in greyscale and colour imagery accordingly from highlights to shadows. The premium LUCIA monochrome inks work together to reduce the effect of bronzing. As a result, your printed photos will have expanded dynamic range, especially in the darker or shadow areas of the image.

Canon PGi72 Lucia Chroma Optimizer
The chroma optimizer has been included in the new Canon PGi72 LUCIA Pigment Ink System to aid in the accuracy and quality of prints. The Chroma Optimizer clear ink is used on the printed areas of glossy and semi-gloss papers enhancing the density of blacks, expanding colour gamut and delivering photo prints with the ultimate uniform gloss finish.


Print technology: Inkjet
Operating temperature range (T-T): 15 - 35 °C
Compatible products: Canon PIXMA PRO-10
Quantity: 1
Operating relative humidity range: 5 - 95 %
Storage temperature range (T-T): 10 - 35 °C
Storage relative humidity range: 5 - 95 %

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Printer Type Inkjet Printers
Container Type Ink Tank
Color Gray
Ink Type Pigment-Based Color
Package Weight 0.04 kg
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 5.5 x 3.95 x 1.2"
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  • PGI72GY Grey ink tank for PIXM A PRO10 CANON
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