Nikon 8X25DCF Sportstar EX Waterproof Binoculars (BAA710AA)

product overview
product overview
Nikon's 8X25DCF Sportstar EX Waterproof Binoculars are roof prism light enough to slip easily into your backpack so you can see wildlife during your hike or enjoy a day at the beach

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Their large eye relief provides excellent field of vision at all, including people who wear glasses. With O-rings and the process of purging with nitrogen to prevent condensation, the waterproof binoculars are perfect for on the water or in rainy weather.

Coating of lenses

To reduce glare and light losses. Coating: layer on the outer surface. Complete coating: layer on all surfaces. Multilayer coating: Multiple layers on surfaces. Full multi-layer coating: multiple layers on all surfaces.

The magnification factor is the number of time an object is enlarged with respect to the original when viewed through the binoculars.

Field of view

The field of view corresponds to the total area that can be seen with binoculars

Minimum focus
The focusing distance is the shortest distance at which it is possible to focus

Relative brightness
The relative brightness is used to find the optical quality binoculars by poor lighting. So more the relative brightness, the higher the brighter when ambient light is low.

Exit pupil
The exit pupil is small circle of light that you see taking your binoculars at arms length. Its diameter is obtained by dividing the diameter of the front lens by the magnification

Eye Relief
The eye relief is the distance required between the eye and the lens to get the best picture possible. Those who wear glasses need a relatively long eye relief (at least 13 mm)

Dioptric Correction

Diopter correction devices allow you to adjust the image to the view of users whose eyes are not the same force

Key Features

- Waterproof (submersible to 1m for 5 minutes) and fog, with nitrogen gas
- Slide rubber eyecups and click facilitate easy positioning of eyes at the correct eyepoint
- Multilayer coated lenses for bright images
- Dustproof, Watertight
- Anti fog treatment
- Includes carrying case

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Objective lens diameter25 mm
Field of view at 1,000m (m)143 m
Field of view (Apparent / degree)59.7
Field of view (Real / degree)8.2
Exit Pupil3.1 mm
Relative brightness9.6
Eye relief10 mm
Closest Focusing Distance2.5m
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What’s In The Box
  • Nikon 8X25DCF Sportstar EX Waterproof Binoculars

  • Carry Case

  • Strap

  • Lens Caps

  • Instruction Manual

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