Metabones Hasselblad Lens to Leica S MB_HV-LS-BM1

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Product Overview

Metabones Hasselblad V Lens to Leica S Camera Lens Mount Adapter
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The Metabones Hasselblad V Lens for Leica S2 Camera allows you to use a Hasselblad V lens on a Leica S2.

The adapter is strictly mechanical, attaching the Hasselblad V lens to the Leica S2 body without an electronic communication between camera and lens.

For using Hasselblad V lens on Leica S2 cameras

Key Features

- Both camera-side and lens-side of the adapter are made of high quality material

- Precise fit and solid connection
- Designed to reach infinity focus
- Satin surface finish
- Adapts Hasselblad V Mount Lenses to Leica S Cameras
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What’s In The Box
Metabones Hasselblad Lens to Leica S2
Limited 1-year warranty
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