Massa 62mm HMC-UV Slim Filter

product overview
product overview
  • High Intensity Optical Glass
  • 8 Treatment Layers
  • 98% Transmission of Light
  • Slim frame to avoid vignetting
  • Filter thickness : 4.5 mm including thread
  • Diameter: 62 mm
  • Weight: 15 g
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The MASSA UV HMC Pro Slim 62 mm filter is manufactured with an optical high-intensity glass and has a super-thin frame which eliminates any risk of vignetting when shooting with a lens wide angle.

The 62mm MASSA UV HMC Pro Slim Filter pushes the limits of weight and thickness without sacrificing quality. The very thin glass of only 1.1 mm thick avoids any diffraction and ensures the best possible transmission of light. The matte black aluminum ring of only 4.5 mm thick , including thread, provides effective protection against spurious rays. These two elements together form a set of only 15 grams while providing effective protection to the front lens of your lens .

Thanks to the multi-layer treatment of 8 layers on both sides , theMASSA UV HMC Pro Slim filter 62 mm transmits 98% of the light for a faithful rendering of the images.
The MASSA UV HMC Pro Slim filter 62 mm, by stopping the UV, suppresses these dominant and also prolongs the slightly misty distances. The 62mm MASSA UV HMC Pro Slim filter is a neutral non-colored UV absorbing filter .
Its use is recommended in good weather to reduce the atmospheric veil on the horizon and the bluish dominant that can appear on photos of the seaside or mountain. This MASSA UV Slim filter is particularly useful in black and white .
This filter MASSA UV HMC 62 mm Slim Pro can be used permanently as a protective filter to protect your lens from water, dust, dirt and especially unfortunate scratches and impacts.

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Filter MaterialHigh Intensity Optical Glass
Filter Thickness4.5 mm including thread
Filter Size62mm
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Massa 62mm HMC-UV Slim Filter

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