19091 MagMod MagBoxTM Correction Gels 2005 Studio Equipment MAGMOD

MagMod MagBoxTM Correction Gels (130728)

$117.00 117.00
Product Overview
  • MagBox Compatibility
  • 8x Filter Set
  • Rigid Polycarbonate Material Construction
  • Requires MagGrip for Use

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Put together by MagMod to assist photographers in converting their speedlight's daylight color balance to tungsten or to warm or cool its quality of light, the MagMod Correction Gel Kit contains eight rigid polycarbonate gels that slip into the integrated slot in the MagBox Octa. The set includes two Full CTO, three 1/2 CTO, and two 1/4 CTO filters, as well as a Full Blue filter. The gels require separate purchase of a MagGrip for use.

  • GTIN - 854211005442

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Material: Polycarbonate

MagMod MagBoxTM Correction Gels

  • Full CTO Gels x 2
  • 1/2 CTO Gels x 3
  • 1/4 CTO Gels x 2
  • Full Blue Gel x 1


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