18148 Lastolite Umbrella Kit 72cm with Stand & 2422 Tilthead Shoe Lock 2005 Studio Equipment LASTOLITE

Lastolite Umbrella Kit 72cm with Stand & 2422 Tilthead Shoe Lock (130021)

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Product Overview
  • 72cm All-In-One Umbrella
  • Tilthead Shoe Lock Bracket
  • Manfrotto 1051BAC Stand
  • Carrying Bag

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This All-In-One Umbrella Kit from Lastolite features a 72 cm All-in-One Umbrella, a Tilt Head Shoe Lock Bracket, a Manfrotto 1051BAC Stand, and a carrying bag. The umbrella features a removable cover and can be used as a translucent shoot through, translucent white bounce, white bounce with silver backing, or as a silver bounce. Also, it has an 8mm shaft and a fiberglass frame.

The Tilthead Shoe Lock Bracket securely holds a shoe-mount flash unit and features a built-in umbrella socket. It will also mount to any standard light stand. The included 4-section Manfrotto 1051BAC Stand has air cushioning to protect your equipment from accidental damage. Additionally, this kit comes with a carrying bag for transporting and storing your equipment.

Alu Mini Compact Air-Cushioned Stand (Black, 2.13m)

This is the black, 2.13 m Manfrotto Alu Mini Compact Air-Cushioned Stand . With a patented Quick Stack System (QSS), ease of transport is optimized. Connecting the stands together saves a lot of room while storing them in the studio or in a location case.

This is an updated version of the "Stacker" stand.

Tilthead Shoe Lock

The Lastolite Tilthead Shoe Lock is a mounting bracket that allows you to use an umbrella with a portable flashgun on a stand. The Tilthead's screw locking shoe mount will accommodate most flashgun hotshoes, and the umbrella socket allows you to use a bounce or shoot-through umbrella. The Tilthead fits any stand or other support device with a standard spigot treatment. The ratchet-style pivot on the Tilthead eliminates any sudden movement when the screw is tightened.

  • Ratchet-style locking mechanism
  • Built-in umbrella socket
  • Can be mounted onto any standard spigot
  • Locking screw to secure hotshoe fitting

All-In-One Umbrella (Silver/White, 72cm)

The 72 cm silver/white All-In-One Umbrella from Lastolite is a versatile light shaping that is actually 4 umbrellas in one! Out of the box it's a white umbrella with a silver under-layer and black blacking. This combination gives you high reflectance with a touch of crispness and contrast. Remove the silver lining for a soft white look. Remove the silver lining and the black backing to use it in "shoot through" mode as you would a softbox. Finally, remove the white translucent fabric and replace it with the silver material for maximum reflectance, high contrast and long throw options. The All In One Umbrella has a standard 8 mm shaft, lightweight fiberglass frame, reinforced stitching and comes in a carrying bag.

  • MPN - LU2473F
  • GTIN - 5055135910491

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Collapsed Height: 0.7 m
Mounting Options: 1/4"-20 Male Thread
3/8"-16 Male Thread
5/8" Stud
Finish: Black
Reverse Legs: No
Leveling Leg: No
Detachable Base: No
Footprint Diameter: 0.70 m
Minimum Working Height: 0.8 m
Load Capacity: 4 kg
Weight: 1 kg
Air Cushioned: Yes
Maximum Height: 2.1 m
Lastolite Umbrella Kit 72cm with Stand & 2422 Tilthead Shoe Lock
  • Alu Mini Compact Air-Cushioned Stand (Black, 2.13m)
  • 3/8" Removable thread
  • Tilthead Shoe Lock
  • All-In-One Umbrella (Silver/White, 72cm)
  • Carry Case


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