18149 Lastolite Kit Umbrella 99cm Stand Silver or Wht Bounce cvr 2005 Studio Equipment LASTOLITE

Lastolite Kit Umbrella 99cm Stand Silver or Wht Bounce cvr (130022)

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Product Overview
  • 39" All-In-One Umbrella
  • Tilthead Shoe Lock Bracket
  • Manfrotto 1051BAC Stand
  • Carrying Bag

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This All-In-One Umbrella Kit from Lastolite features a 39" All-in-One Umbrella, a Tilt Head Shoe Lock Bracket, a Manfrotto 1051BAC Stand, and a carrying bag. The umbrella features a removable cover and can be used as a translucent shoot through, translucent white bounce, white bounce with silver backing, or as a silver bounce. Also, it has an 8mm shaft and a fiberglass frame.

The Tilthead Shoe Lock Bracket securely holds a shoe-mount flash unit and features a built-in umbrella socket. It will also mount to any standard light stand. The included 4-section Manfrotto 1051BAC Stand has air cushioning to protect your equipment from accidental damage. Additionally, this kit comes with a carrying bag for transporting and storing your equipment.

Alu Mini Compact Air-Cushioned Stand (Black, 7')

This is the black, 7' Manfrotto Alu Mini Compact Air-Cushioned Stand. With a patented Quick Stack System (QSS), ease of transport is optimized. Connecting the stands together saves a lot of room while storing them in the studio or in a location case.

This is an updated version of the "Stacker" stand.

Lightweight Location Stand

Rises to a maximum height of 7' (2.1 m)

Can hold up to 8.8 lb (4 kg)

Prevents damage to equipment or injury to fingers if you forget to fully tighten section locks
Tilthead Shoe Lock

The Lastolite Tilthead Shoe Lock is a mounting bracket that allows you to use an umbrella with a portable flashgun on a stand. The Tilthead's screw locking shoe mount will accommodate most flashgun hotshoes, and the umbrella socket allows you to use a bounce or shoot-through umbrella. The Tilthead fits any stand or other support device with a standard spigot treatment. The ratchet-style pivot on the Tilthead eliminates any sudden movement when the screw is tightened.

Ratchet-style locking mechanism
Built-in umbrella socket
Can be mounted onto any standard spigot
Locking screw to secure hotshoe fitting
All-In-One Umbrella (Silver/White, 39")

The 39" silver/white All-In-One Umbrella from Lastolite is a versatile light shaping that is actually 4 umbrellas in one! Out of the box it's a white umbrella with a silver under-layer and black blacking. This combination gives you high reflectance with a touch of crispness and contrast. Remove the silver lining for a soft white look. Remove the silver lining and the black backing to use it in "shoot through" mode as you would a softbox. Finally, remove the white translucent fabric and replace it with the silver material for maximum reflectance, high contrast and long throw options. The All In One Umbrella has a standard 8 mm shaft, lightweight fiberglass frame, reinforced stitching and comes in a carrying bag.

  • MPN - LU2474F
  • GTIN - 5055135910637

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Collapsed Height: 0.7 m
Reverse Legs: No
Leveling Leg: No
Detachable Base: No
Footprint Diameter: 0.70 m
Minimum Working Height: 0.8 m
Load Capacity: 4 kg
Weight: 2130 g
Mount: 1/4"-20 Male Thread
3/8"-16 Male Thread
5/8" Stud
Maximum Height: 2.1 m

Lastolite Kit Umbrella 99cm Stand Silver or Wht Bounce cvr

  • Alu Mini Compact Air-Cushioned Stand (Black, 7') x 1
  • 3/8" Removable thread x 1 
  • Tilthead Shoe Lock x 1
  • All-In-One Umbrella (Silver/White, 39") x 1
  • Carry Case x 1


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