18071 Lastolite Kit Reflect Uplite JoeMcNally 120x90cm 2 Reflect 2005 Studio Equipment LASTOLITE

Lastolite Kit Reflect Uplite JoeMcNally 120x90cm 2 Reflect (129944)

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Product Overview
  • Sunlite/Soft Silver, Silver/White
  • 2 Stop Dffusion Panel
  • 3 x 4' (0.9 x 1.2 m)
  • Adjustable Bracket
  • Waterproof Base

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The Lastolite Joe McNally Uplite Kit is similar to the standard cool tone Uplite but with an important addition: a 2 stop diffuser panel.

Like the cooltone Uplite, two 3 x 4’ lightweight frames clamshell together with a joint at one end. The reversible Sunlite/Soft Silver and Silver/White reflective materials stretch over the frames. Of course, since you’re bouncing fill light up onto your subject, the topmost fabric will determine the quality and color of the fill. Directing the fill is easy thanks to the 30 – 80° adjustable bracket. There’s a waterproof cover for the base for wet environments.

Joe likes to replace the reflective fabric with the included 2 stop diffuser and shoot through it with his choice of strobe or small flash. This effectively turns the Uplite into an “active” fill source rather than a reflective one. Color balance of the fill is determined by how imaginatively you gel the flash

Self supporting reflector/diffuser panels
30 - 80° positions
Ideal for outdoor use
Waterproof base bottletop
  • MPN - LR3497JM
  • GTIN - 5055135908603

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Surfaces: Diffusion, Silver-Gold, Soft Silver, White
Size: 91.4 x 121.9 cm
Weight: 2870 g

Lastolite Kit Reflect Uplite JoeMcNally 120x90cm 2 Reflect

  • Sunlite/Soft Silver Reversible Reflective Fabric x 1
  • Silver/White Reversible Reflective Fabric x 1
  • 2 Stop Diffusion Fabric x 1
  • Black Waterproof Cover x 1
  • Adjustable Bracket x 1


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