16202 Jinbei Grid for Quick Soft Box 30x140cm 2005 Studio Equipment Jinbei

Jinbei Grid for Quick Soft Box 30x140cm (125638)

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Product Overview
  • Suitable for large portrait and soft lighting

  • Fits Jinbei changeable reflectors system

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With an ordinary softbox, the light will scatter to all directions when it hits the surface of the softbox. However, the edge of this Jinbei EM series softbox is widened, guiding light directionally. It makes the light go directly along the edge rather than scattering when the light arrives at the softbox cloth surface. If grills are installed, light is more able to be focussed, so that photographers can better control the lighting effect.

This grid is for Jinbei Quick 30x140cm Umbrella Soft Box Bowens S type or other soft boxes of the same size with Velcro installation method. The grid has the hook side of the velcro, make sure your softbox has the loop side of velcro.

  • MPN - JBSB30140G
  • GTIN - N/A

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Type: Rectangular Grid for Softbox
Size: 30 x 140cm
Shape: Rectangular

Jinbei Grid for Quick Soft Box 30x140cm


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