16208 Jinbei Deep Parabolic 120cm GRID 2005 Studio Equipment Jinbei

Jinbei Deep Parabolic 120cm GRID (125649)

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  • 120cm Deep Parabolic Softbox Grid

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Jinbei 120cm Deep Parabolic Softbox Grid

The Jinbei grid for 120cm deep parabolic softbox (and other same size soft boxes) has Velcro installation. The detachable grid is used to control light spill and can be particularly helpful in tight shooting environments.  The soft light quality of the boxes remains, but the grids allow you to have more directional control over the output by tightening the beam spread. The fabric grids have velcro edging, allowing them to attach to the front outer lip of the exterior black shell of the softbox.

  • MPN - JB120PARAG
  • GTIN - N/A

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Size: 120 cm

Jinbei Deep Parabolic 120cm GRID

  • Jinbei Deep Parabolic 120cm GRID x 1


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