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Jinbei Conical Snoot with Grid (125659)

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Product Overview
  • Ideal for hair lights in portrait and beauty photography
  • Can be used to create spotlight effects
  • Narrows the spread of light
  • Supplied with honeycomb grid to further restrict spread of light
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The Jinbei Conical Snoot creates a spot-light source to be used mostly in portrait photography. It is also useful in product photography when you want to isolate the product from the background, or highlight a particular part of the product. The snoot delivers light to a precise area.

The removeable honeycomb grid on the front can be used to further reduce the spread of light, and crate an even tight are of light. The snoot has durable metal construction, and a black exterior. The silver interior ensures that the light is not wasted but is efficiantly reflected within the snoot and illuminated onto your subject. This conical snoot is perfect for hair lighting, and dramatic effects.

This snoot uses the common Bowens mount connector, and is compatible with all lights which use this mount.

  • GTIN - N/A

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Dimensions: 9.5 x 23.4 cm
Material: Aluminium

Jinbei Conical Snoot with Grid

  • Jinbei Conical Snoot with Grid x 1


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