Gary Fong LS-GEL Lightsphere Gel Set

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product overview
  • Red, Blue, Green, & Yellow
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This Gary Fong Gel Filter Set for the Lightsphere Collapsible Diffuser includes 4 filters which affix to the inside of the collapsing Lightsphere.

With a red, blue, green, and yellow filter, you'll have the ability to balance the outgoing flash light with many types of ambient background light, as well as add contrast to black and white images or just create some cool special effects on occasion.

Particularly useful is the yellow (amber) filter, which can be used to lower the Kelvin temperature value of standard 5500-K daylight flash units to match the common range of typical tungsten-balanced household incandescent lamps.

Similarly, the green filter is often used to skew the green/magenta balance of the flash to match the output of common fluorescent lamps.

Attaches to Collapsible Lightsphere
Includes 4 filters
Durable plastic
  • GTIN - 813100013906
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BrandGary Fong
Modifier TypeColor Filter
Weight27.2 g
Dimensions15.2 cm x 10.1 cm x 5.1 cm
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Gary Fong LS-GEL Lightsphere Gel Set

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