SLR MAGIC 77mm variable ND II + 86mm IEND 4 stop

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Product Overview

  • 77mm Variable Neutral Density Filter
  • Provides 1.3 to 6 Stops of Light Control
  • Rotating Ring to Choose Degree of ND
  • Larger Front Filter Ring to Avoid Vignetting
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SLR Magic 77mm Variable ND II + 86mm IEND 4 stop

The 77mm 0.4-1.8 Variable ND Filter - Mark II is a high quality variable neutral density filter providing a reduction of about 1.3 to 6 stops (ND1.3 to ND64) with 77mm rear filter thread. This variable Neutral Density filter creates a darkening of the entire image, allowing you to photograph with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed. The degree of density is easily controlled by rotating the front filter ring via the non-removable lever. Calibrated markings (12 reference points) make it easy for repeatable positions. The front filter ring has a larger diameter than the rear which is designed to avoid vignetting, even when using with wide angles lenses.

  • 77mm Variable Neutral Density Filter
  • Provides 1.3 to 6 Stops of Light Control
  • Rotating Ring to Choose Degree of ND
  • Larger Front Filter Ring to Avoid Vignettin

The latest Mark II versions feature the ability to rotate the filter without unscrewing it from the lens, assisting the orientation of the polarization effect in Variable NDs. This is particularly useful when dealing with the polarization effect expansive skies in landscape photography for example. The SLR Magic Variable ND filters are the highest quality multi-coated optical glass to ensure the best performance. Variable ND filters usually show striation patterns in the out-of-focus circles of confusion in the bokeh but the SLR Magic Variable ND filters are optimized to suppress such unwanted artefacts. Suitable for film or still photography use.

86mm Solid ND 1.2 Image Enhancer Filter
To achieve a shallow depth of field, cinematographers use ND filters to control exposure to shoot at wider apertures. To achieve motion in still pictures, photographers use ND filters for long exposures. Modern digital sensors have a broad color spectrum and are sensitive to "far-red" for better color response. However, when ND filters are used, only light in the visible spectrum's are suppressed without accounting for "far-red" to infrared suppression. As ND density is increased, infrared contamination occurs.

The SLR Magic 1.2 IEND contains a special coating and will not vignette green, magenta or cyan even when wide angle lenses are used with it. The SLR Magic IEND filter suppresses "far-red" to infrared along with visible light to avoid issues of color shift and infrared pollution when higher density ND is used. This filter combines an ND filter with a comparable IR control technology to eliminate the spill of infrared light reaching the sensor while still maintaining the extra exposure benefits of a neutral density filter.

There are three ways to benefit from the SLR Magic 1.2 IEND
Firstly, we recommend to use it with the SLR Magic 0.4-1.8 variable ND filters. The unique properties of the SLR Magic Variable ND is that they have no color shifting and cross effect found on traditional variable ND filters. Our variable ND provides 6 stops of light reduction, however, by using the SLR Magic 1.2 IEND, you can stack it on the current filter to make it a 5-10 stop variable ND. Variable ND's are extremely susceptible to Infrared pollution when you stack 2 polarizers and rotate them to achieve exposure. So, the Image Enhancer lens coating helps to combat this problem.

The second way to use the SLR Magic 1.2 IEND filter is to stack it on traditional fixed ND or variable ND filters by use of a step up ring. Most ND filters do not have much IR or color shift issues below 4 stops of light reduction. By stacking, one would seldom use more than 9 stops of light reduction and the SLR Magic IEND will change the range of the original ND filter used and in turn, fixes/enhances the original properties of the ND filter and in most cases, eliminate the "cross" or "butterfly" effect.

The third way to use the SLR Magic IEND filter is by stacking it with built-in ND filters of cinema cameras. This can improve the density up to 10 stops. For Cinema cameras that have more stops, this improves the color shift issues due to IR control with the Image Enhancer lens coating. For Cameras that exhibit focus shift at higher ND densities, using this filter will also resolve the problem.

  • MPN - SLR77VND86IE
  • GTIN - 9319499072940
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Filter Type77mm ND Filter: Variable ND
86mm IEND Filter: Solid ND Combination
Shape77mm ND Filter: Circle
86mm IEND Filter: Circle
Circular Size77mm ND Filter: 77mm
86mm IEND Filter: 86mm
Front Thread / Bayonet77mm ND Filter: 86mm
86mm IEND Filter: 86mm
Filter Material77mm ND Filter: Glass
86mm IEND Filter: Glass
Coatings77mm ND Filter: Multi-Coating
86mm IEND Filter: Multi-Coating
Ring Material86mm IEND Filter: Aluminum
Density77mm ND Filter: 0.4 (1.3 Stops) to 1.8 (6 Stops)
86mm IEND Filter: 1.2 (4 Stops)
Weight77mm ND Filter: 82 g
Combination Type86mm IEND Filter: IR Attenuation
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SLR Magic 77mm Variable ND II + 86mm IEND 4 stop

  • SLR Magic 77mm Self-Locking Variable ND 0.4 to 1.8 Filter x 1
  • 86mm Solid Image Enhancer ND 1.2 Filter x 1
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