Klarus 3.6V 18650 2900mah Cold Resistant with Micro USB Charging Port

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product overview
product overview
  • Built-in micro USB charge port eliminates the need for a battery charger, thus making it easier to charge the battery on the go
  • Charging status light indicator keeps a user informed
  • Red light - charge in progress
  • Green light - charge completed
  • Designed specifically for use in cold environments
  • Built-in protection circuit prevents over-charge and over-discharge of the cell for added safety
  • PTC protects against high currents and short circuits, which brings peace of mind
  • Pressure release valve responds to any increase in temperature to prevent overheating
  • High discharge rate is suitable for use in high performance flashlights, such as Klarus' XT collection
Klarus Cold Resistant 18650 Battery with USB Port

Works in -40°
This cold resistant 18650 battery, from Klarus, is fitted with Li-ion chemistry that is suitable for use in extremely cold temperatures. Lithium-ion, in general, is the go-to choice for stability, when it comes to changes in temperature. Klarus has taken it to the next level by incorporating a new Li-ion formula that works in -40°! This cold resistant 18650 battery is, therefore, the perfect choice for powering outdoor electronics in the wintertime. Ice fisherman, for example, may deal with air temperatures that drop to below 0°F. The best time of day for ice fishing is when the moon is rising or setting, which means that you'll need a flashlight to see what you are doing and a power source that can handle the extreme cold temperatures! This is just one of the many reasons why this cold-resistant 18650 battery is a valuable addition to your arsenal.

No Battery Charger Needed
Not only is this 18650 battery perfect for cold-weather usage, but it is also easily rechargeable! The Klarus 18GT-LT29 UR battery is fitted with a built-in micro USB charge port into which a charging cable (sold separately) is inserted for effortless re-powering. There is no need to carry a separate battery charger with you to recharge the cell. All you will need is a micro USB cable and a power source, such as the 12V adapter in your car, to which you can connect the cable. This cold resistant 18650 even includes an indicator light that notifies a user of the battery's charge status. A red light indicates that the charge is in progress, while a green light is the sign of completion. This rechargeable 18650 battery, with its 8A discharge, cold-resistant formula, and built-in charge port, is the perfect power source for premium flashlights used in extreme environments.
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Battery Size: 18650
Battery Capacity (mAh): 2900
Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion
Battery Voltage: 3.6 v
Battery Terminal Type: Button Top
Battery Shelf Life: 3 Years
Packaging: Boxed
Brand: Klarus
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Klarus 3.6V 18650 2900mah Cold Resistant with Micro USB Charging Port
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