Kenko KFM-1100 Auto Digi Meter

product overview
product overview
  • For Ambient and Flash Light

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The Kenko (THK Photo Products) KFM-1100 Autometer is a user-friendly and ergonomically designed light meter for reading both ambient and flash light. This simple and reliable meter is both comfortable in your hand and logically designed, with a minimum of confusing buttons.

The large LCD display reads out in "F" numbers in 10ths of stops and in 1/2 stop increments in a pointer scale across the top of the display. With a shutter speed range of 1/8000 second to 30 minutes, this meter is quite sensitive. In its cine mode, frame rates of 8-128 can be achieved.

As a flash meter, the KFM-1100 can be used with or without a sync cord, and has an aperture range of F/1.0 - f/128. As an added bonus, both flash and ambient lighting can be analyzed to determine the lighting ratio of any scene. This feature is very handy in scenes where a flash is being used to "open up" a shadowed area left by ambient (natural) light.

The meter's "Calculation" function can be used to average measurements that have been stored in memory, very useful in reflected light measurements, to capture highlight or shadow detail more accurately.

The KFM-1100 can store 2 measurements that can be recalled for reference or for averaging. Just press the "M" button after each reading to store it in memory. If the memory has two readings stored, it will delete the oldest reading to store the current information.

Simple and easy-to-use ambient/flash meter
Accurate and full featured
"Analyze" function for mixed lighting
Flash-ambient ratio calculations
Cord or cordless operation

  • MPN - 80755
  • GTIN - 4961607807552
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Mount\"S\"-Type Bayonet
Aperturef/1 to 128 (1/10-Step Increments)
Battery(Power)1 x AA
Measuring ModeAperture Priority
Contrast Ratio
Shadow/Highlight Calculation
Shutter Priority
ISO Range3 to 8000
Display Range EVAmbient: 2 to 19.9 EV
TypeAmbient Flash
Weight135.0 g (without Battery)
Dimensions57 x 157 x 26 mm
Receptor ElementSilicon Photodiode
Exposure MemoryYes, 2 Readings
Max Flash Sync Speed1/1000
Shutter Speed Range1/8000 to 30 Minutes
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Kenko KFM-1100 Auto Digi Meter

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