Fujifilm INSTAX Film Mini - 20 pack

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Product Overview

  • ISO 800 / Works Well in Low Light
  • Daylight Balanced / Glossy Finish
  • Credit Card-Sized Film Format
  • Ultra Sharp for a High-Speed Film
  • Vibrant Colour Reproduction
  • Fast Development Times
  • Enhanced Stability for Long-Term Storage.
  • Small Format - Easy to Carry and Store.
  • Extended Operating Temperature Range.
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Recognized for its excellent colour reproduction, the film has a glossy finish and is an excellent choice for general use, portraiture or even with electronic flash. It's also a fun film to use - easy to load, shoot and best of all - no wasted time at the lab wondering how your images came out. Due to its "mini" size, it is easier to carry, file and store when compared to larger, more traditional film formats.

Even in low light scenarios, due to its high-speed rating, Instax Mini Film will produce amazingly sharp images. Another user benefit is that it has been improved to lessen the developing time before you see your print - a real benefit when you're photographing young children who are notorious for wanting everything "yesterday". Instax Mini Film has also been enhanced to maintain its stability over the years making it a good choice for archival storage. Those pictures you shot when your kid was 4 - or during that trip to Disneyland will still be around long after he's out of high school. Fuji has also extended the working temperature range of this film to include 5-40°C so you need not worry about using it year round.

 Sharp Grain

It produces very fine grain yet with all the high-speed advantages of an ISO 800 film.

Vibrant Colour Reproduction

No colour mixing between film layers - skin tones will be neutral.

Faster Image Formation

Enhanced developing process produces a more rapid image - less waiting time for complete development.

Long-Term Stability

Resulting from improved emulsion, development accelerators and development control technology it will keep your images colour-true for years.

Extended Temperature Range

Working range is 5-40°C


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Film Format INSTAX Mini
Film Type Colour
Film Speed ISO 800
Temperature Range 5° - 40°C
Image Area 46 x 62 mm
Image Shape Rectangle
Film Size (W x H) 53 x 86 mm
Border White
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  • Fujifilm INSTAX Film Mini - 20 pack

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