15014 Haida 95mm UV PRO II Schott Glass MC Filter 2028 Haida System HAIDA

Haida 95mm UV PRO II Schott Glass MC Filter (125252)

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Product Overview
  • Eliminate Annoying Glares Of Light

  • Enhances The Color Saturation

  • 2.7mm Thickness

  • 4.5mm Aluminium Frame

  • Multi Coated Schott Glass


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Haida UV PRO-II Multi-Coated Filters help eliminate annoying glares of light coming from reflective surfaces like water. It also enhances the color saturation of any subject in any photography. It is made of Multi Coated Schott Glass with 4.5mm aluminium frame and 2.7mm thickness. It is available in 95mm filter thread.

Multi-coating UV (PROII) Filter
The Multi-coating UV (PROII) Filter is a wise initial investment. Haida MC-UV PROII filters are excellent general purpose filters since they will not only protect your front element from airborne contaminants as well as fingerprints but also help you get better images at high altitude and while on the water. Using this filter will diminish the bluish cast caused by the various atmospheric factors. It will not have an effect on the color balance of your shot. No increase in exposure is required.

Best Available Protection
A UV filter is the best available protection for the front element of your lens. A lens that accidentally gets dropped on its front element while hiking can potentially be saved by purchasing this item.

Clearer, Sharper and More Contrasts
Aside from the more-than-significant benefit, MC-UV PROII filter render your photo clearer, sharper and more contrasts. For those who enjoy outdoor photography, especially distant vistas, a Haida PROII MC-UV filter can produce a more distinct and acceptable image by removing much of the blue tint normally associated with atmospheric haze.


Shape: Circular
Circular Size: 95 mm
Filter Material: Aluminium
Coatings: Multi Coated Schott Glass

Haida 95mm UV PRO II Schott Glass MC Filter

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