15771 PolarPro Hero5 SuperSuit Switchblade - Macro / Red 2024 Colour Filters Polar Pro

PolarPro Hero5 SuperSuit Switchblade - Macro / Red (124866)

$98.00 98.00
Product Overview
  • Engineered specifically for the Hero5 Super Suit Housing

  • Ultimate 2-in-1 red + macro diving combo filter

  • Red filter provides outstanding color correction in tropical water

  • Macro lens allows the camera to focus on close-up subjects (+15 diopter)

  • Lifetime warranty

Shipping: $9.90

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The PolarPro Switchblade5 has been reimagined, rebuilt, and re-mastered based on user feedback to make it the most valuable diving filter for the GoPro Hero5. The built in Red Filter provides excellent color correction in blue or tropical water from 15 to 75 feet deep. The Macro Lens has also been rebuilt with a new more powerful hinge allowing you to switch between macro and non-macro modes. The Macro Lens allows you to capture creative close-ups of underwater life. With a +15 diopter, the Macro shifts the focus distance of the GoPro Hero5 allowing it to focus up close and blur everything in the background, allowing you to capture new underwater perspectives. The Switchblade5 is backed by a lifetime warranty ensuring your underwater videos will stay epic.

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PolarPro Hero5 SuperSuit Switchblade - Macro / Red


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