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15738 Cokin Z477 77mm Filter Adaptor Ring 2027 Cokin System COKIN

Cokin Z477 77mm Filter Adaptor Ring (110843)

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Product Overview
  • Mount for Z-Series Holders

  • Fits 77mm Filter Thread

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Cokin Z477 77mm Filter Adaptor Ring
Designed to attach the Cokin Z-Series filter holder to any lens with a 77mm filter thread.

One ring to rule your lens.
Available in most popular diameters, ring is the passport for creativity. All you need is to find the filter diameter of your lens. Most of the time, it is written on the front of the lens itself. If not, check the lens user manual. Then, just screw the ring on the front thread of your lens, and you're done! If you have lenses of different diameters, the only thing you need to change is the ring. It's very economical!

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Shape: Circle
Circular Size: 77 mm
Cokin Z477 77mm Filter Adaptor Ring


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