17496 Cokin - Z024 Blue (82B) L (Z) Filter 2027 Cokin System COKIN

Cokin - Z024 Blue (82B) L (Z) Filter (129361)

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Product Overview
  • Cool down warm tones with the approprate blue
  • These blue filters re-establish the balance of natural colors when daylight takes on orange tones at sunrise and sunset
  • Sandy beaches, snow, monuments, skyscrapers, all recover their natural coloring
  • Lighter in tone than 020, 021, & 022, these milder effect filters are available in three grades
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Cokin - Z024 Blue (82B) L (Z) Filter

Blue Conversion filters help correct, for example, the prevailing colors of tungsten bulbs or warm light. Lower densities produce subtle corrections in color temperature in order to reduce or eliminate certain warm colors that dominate the image.

  • MPN - Z024
  • GTIN - 0085831700244

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Filter-Holder: BZ100A-BZE01
Exposure Compensation: 2/3 f-stops
Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 1.6mm
Size: L (Z-Pro system)

Cokin - Z024 Blue (82B) L (Z) Filter

  • Cokin - Z024 Blue (82B) L (Z) Filter x 1


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