19206 SwellPro Landing Gear for SD3Plus (Carbon Fibre) 2033 Drone Accessories SwellPro

SwellPro Landing Gear for SD3Plus (Carbon Fibre) (131201)

$29.00 29.00
Product Overview
  • Landing Gear for SplashDrone 3+
  • Spare or Replacement Gear
  • Quick Release Design
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tubes
  • Soft Rubber Joints
  • Durable Aluminum Screws
Shipping: $9.90

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Use this Quick Release Landing Gear Set from SwellPro as a spare or replacement for the set that comes with the SplashDrone 3+ drone. The landing gear raises up your drone, leaving enough clearance for your camera to keep the drone clear of dirt and moisture on the ground, as well as adding a layer of shock absorption.

The quick release landing gear is easy to remove when you want to store the drone or swap out your landing gear for different waterproof kits. The gear pieces are made from carbon fiber tubes, rubber joints, and CNC-machined aluminum screw parts.

  • GTIN - 6970759630251

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Compatibility: SplashDrone 3+
Material of Construction: Carbon Fiber, Rubber, CNC-Machined Aluminum
Clearance: Not Supplied by Manufacturer

SwellPro Landing Gear for SD3Plus (Carbon Fibre)


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