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14156 Lowepro DroneGuard Kit - Mica 2033 Drone Accessories Lowepro

Lowepro DroneGuard Kit - Mica (122286)

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Product Overview
  • For X-Configuration Quadcopters

  • Detachable Battery Box with 4 Dividers

  • Rigid Tray with Honeycomb Interior

  • Removable Hook-and-Loop Dividers

  • Zippered Sidewall Compartments

  • Retention Straps Hold Gear In Place

  • Room for Transmitter, Flight Batteries

  • Room for Action Camera, FPV Goggles

  • Room for Tools and Spare Props

  • Works with DJI Phantom, Blade 350 & More


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Typically you have two choices when selecting a case for your quadcopter: a case with custom-fitted foam that only works with one specific model/series or generic dividers or pick-and-pluck, both of which are optimized for rectangular shapes, and do not closely fit the contour of your aircraft. With the DroneGuard Kit from Lowepro there is a third way: a modular interior with main compartment dividers that are both adjustable while curved to accommodate most X-configuration quadcopters in the size range of the DJI Phantom series. The case opens a bit like a toolbox with the quadcopter sitting in the middle and two large main compartments at either end. These compartments are ideal for batteries, a charger, transmitter, FPV goggles, GoPro or other action camera, or other larger items. Within one of these cavities are adjustable/removable sub-divides to further organize your accessories. The compartments themselves can also be fully removed for easily access or if they are not needed. Additionally, the sidewalls of the case fold open and feature straps that handily accommodate tools, spare props, and cables. They also unzip providing internal storage of flat items such as a smartphone or small mobile device. When closed, retention straps and an elastic loop system help hold everything in place for safe transport.

  • Keep all parts of a drone kit organized, neat, and within easy reach

  • Carry your kit with ease with this lightweight and portable solution

  • The modular design may be configured for multiple uses and scenarios

  • Protective and supporting dividers keep all parts tightly arranged

Design Features

  • Kit is built to secure and protect gear with retention straps, elastic loop system, rigid base, padded and adjustable dividers, and durable materials that resist moisture and abrasion

  • Detachable battery box includes four padded and removable dividers

  • Zippered sidewall pockets keep loose parts and manuals secured and within easy reach

  • Hook-and-loop attachment system with velex for easy configuration

  • Rigid and protective tray with honeycomb interior, plus comfortable carry straps

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Lowepro DroneGuard Kit - Mica


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