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Product Overview

SpyderCheckr by DataColor device and associated software offers custom profiles for cameras, thus further improving your image control of the end result
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SpyderCheckr, a color reference tool that allows photographers to obtain consistent, accurate color within a standard RAW processing workflow, perform precision in-camera white balance, create custom camera calibration and record known color references. SpyderCheckr features 48 scientifically engineered color patches in a wide range of spectrally neutral colors and user-friendly profiling software that enables photographers to achieve consistent, predictable color control from capture to edit.

Datacolor SpyderCheckr captures accurate color when shooting and delivers results effortlessly into a photographer's digital workflow with RAW import software. With high-consistency standardized color patches and easy-to-use calibration software that allows photographers to create custom camera profiles, SpyderCheckr decreases post production time by eliminating trial and error color adjustment. By correcting color automatically as part of the image import workflow, the SpyderCheckr takes the guesswork out of precision color balancing.

Every camera make and model records color in a different way, so an easy-to-use color reference tool is vital to account for these variations. By adding color management with SpyderCheckr into the capture state of a digital workflow, photographers can guarantee consistency and accuracy from day-to-day as well as from camera to camera.

Key Features

- Consistent Color Control for RAW Imaging
- White, Gray, and Gray Ramp Patches
- Color Target Includes Skintone Samples
- Works with Adobe Camera RAW (ACR)
- Includes Software for Mac and Windows

Basically, a picture of the SpyderCheckr is taken and opened in a RAW converter. This can be adjusted as required and saved as a preset. This preset is exported into the SpyderCheckr software to create a special profile for the camera in question. Various options of profile can be chosen, for example for portraiture or for more general shooting as required. These profiles are named and appear in ACR or Lightroom depending upon the photographer's choice of program.

This process is quite simple and once done can be accessed from within the RAW converter as an integrated and seamless operation. Now when a RAW file is opened, the preset is simply selected and the correction is immediately applied to the image. Given that cameras produce different colours from make to make and model to model this can standardise a number of different camera bodies.

Consistent color control
Consistent color control for RAW workflow, giving a color standard for any camera and decreasing post production time

Neutral grey target
Neutral gray target and gray ramp for in-camera white balance and visual neutrality

Extensive skin tone
Extensive skin tone samples for portrait and fashion photography

Durable, eco-friendly self-casing construction
Durable, eco-friendly self-casing construction for easy transport and field use, with replaceable targets, first-in-class tripod mount and an innovative built-in fade strip indicator that issues a warning when target inserts need replacing

Easy-to-use software
Easy-to-use software that interacts with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements and Camera RAW to produce calibration presets that fit directly into a digital workflow

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What’s In The Box


  • SpyderCheckr Software CD

  • Quick Start Guide

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