Canon EF - EOS M Mount Adaptor EOS to EF-M with tripod Mount

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Product Overview

  • Mount Canon EF/EF-S Lens On EOS-M Camera
  • Compatible with All Lens Functions
  • Camera Cover R-F-3, EB Lens Dust Cap
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Canon EF Lenses – The Connection You’ve Been Looking For

The Canon EF Lens Adaptor Kit is the connection that you have been looking for. This kit will enable those using an EOS M body to utilise the full range of EF and EF-S lenses and open a wide range of possibilities. The EF-M Lens Adapter is fully compatible with all sorts of lens functions, including the image stabilization and autofocus that bring clarity and contrast to your photos. A detachable tripod adapter provides support for longer Canon lenses. Also included are the Camera Cover R-F-3 and EB Lens Dust Cap.

Small, lightweight EF-M mount adapter for your Canon EF & EF-S Lenses

Small and lightweight, to match the EOS M, the Mount Adapter EF-EOS M is easy to carry with you, wherever you go. It allows you to use the EF-M mount on your EOS M to attach any of Canon's extensive range of EOS System lenses - connecting you to a world of creative possibilities.

Compatible with full range of Canon EF and EF-S lenses

Expand your EOS M system and explore your creativity. The Mount Adapter EF-EOS M gives you access to the full spectrum of Canon EF and EF-S lenses. Completely free yourself to make use of existing lenses and try out new ones to get the shots you want.

The Canon EF and EF-S lens adaptor removes the limits you may have run into the past. By giving you a way into the wider world of lenses of all types, this product removes any of those equipment-driven blocks in your creative process. Start to take your visuals to the new and exciting places you’ve always hoped for with the full range of EOS M lenses that you now have at your disposal.

Those looking to explore not only a wider range of lenses, but also lens filters and lens accessories will find a whole new world opened to them. Take a look at our range of filters and add-ons to get the creative juices flowing.

The extensive range includes fixed focus and zoom lenses covering a focal length range from 8mm to 800mm - so you can capture anything from stunning broad landscapes to beautiful extreme telephoto shots of distant wildlife.

If you’ve been looking to go the other way, the Canon EF-M Adaptor Kit also enables you to utilise the specialist close-up lenses that will enable you to uncover even the smallest details. Everyday objects and encounters with life can take on a new significance when you start to experiment with specialist Macro and Fish-Eye lenses.

The Canon EF-M Lens Adaptor Kit is the perfect addition to your gear bag to help you draw out unique photographic effects of all kinds, letting you make use of the lenses that make them possible. Connect your existing equipment with the Canon EF-M Adaptor Kit.

Removable tripod mount

A stable spot is everything when looking to produce sharp and clear photos, take brilliantly balanced shots with your mirrorless Canon. The Mount Adapter EF-EOS M includes a removable tripod mount, allowing you to go further and capture beautiful images with reduced blur and clear contrasting lines. The same removable tripod mount will also help you support your heavier lenses and ensure that your equipment is always steady and in top working order.

Key Features

The Canon EF-M Lens Adapter Kit for EF and EF-S lenses for EOS-M camera bodies will enable users’ access to a wide range of photographic possibilities. With the ability to connect your EOS-M body to a wider range of lenses, this kit will be just the thing to help you stay ready for anything. This kit:

- Enables you to Mount Canon EF and EF-S Lenses onto the Canon EOS-M mirrorless digital camera.
- Fully compatible with all lens functions, including image stabilization and autofocus.
- Detachable tripod adapter provides support for longer Canon lenses.
- Also included are the Camera Cover R-F-3 and EB Lens Dust Cap.

  • GTIN - 4960999841137
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Brand Canon
Rear Mount EOS M
Front Mount EF Mount
Extender Compatiblity NC
G.F.Holder IV (hood IV*) 0
G.F.Holder III (hood III*) 0
Lens case/pouch LP811
Lens Cap Front end cap
Maximum diameter 66.6 mm
Lens construction (elements/groups) No Lens
Weight 110 g
Length 26 mm
Camera Series EOS M
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What’s In The Box
  • Canon EF-M Lens Adapter Kit for EF and EF-S lenses for EOS-M
  • Canon EF-M Lens Adapter Kit for Canon EF / EF-S Lenses
  • R-F-3 Camera Cover
  • EB Lens Dust Cap for EF-M Lenses
  • Instruction Manual
  • Display Box
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