VR Shinecon Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses for Smart Device 4.7-6"

product overview
product overview
  • Cool headband, removeable

  • Pupil distance, Object distance adjustable

  • FOV 90-110°

  • Very immersive and High Definition lens

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VR Shinecon G02 Big view 110°FOV immersive virtual reality glasses headset vr glasses for 4.7-6inch smartphones.

Self break - through

Unique, outstanding, break-through, brand new

You think price is our target? No, price is just the basic. For SHINECON, we wanna breakthrough!
SHINECON G02A, Coming back with king's glory

Breakthrough on 3D
3D Huge screen, better than IMAX

Virtual super screen, shaking your every nerve.

Breakthrough on games
You think you are playing the game? No, you are living in the game.

No interference, no tumult, you are just your own hero!

Breakthrough on immersion
306° panoramic video, you will lose yourself in the fantastic experience.

Black Technology, beyong your expectation
Amazing highly complicated structure

Main structure made of high stength material, which can withstand 130 times of drop test and 72 hours of constant low and high temperature test.

Breakthrough on optics
High quality transmitting optical lens

High quality transmitting optical lens, bringing vivid display effect.

Perfectly fitting your face
Adopting the design of four-dimensional fitting patch and tensile headbands

We not only use high quality material for patch, but also adopt the design of four- dimensional fitting patch and tensile headbands based on ergonomics, which can perfectly fit your face and bring you better experience.

Heat dissipation protein leather patch
Protein leather patch, bringing your comfortable wearing experience

The protein leather material feels just like your own skin, soft and breathable, bringing no pressure to your face.

Lightweight design
The beauty of strength and techology

The lightweight body adopts the shape of space vehicle with the weight of only 327g, light and elegant

Practical functions
Function of adjusting pupil distance and object distance, meeting your special needs

The function of adjusting pupil distance and object distance can meet the needs of different people, bringing better visual experience.

Adjustable Headbands
Suitable for different head form more comfortable for wearing

For the head of SHINECON G02A, we not only pay attention to the nice appearanceand portablity, but also take the artistry and humanization into consideration, The head belts is tensile and adjustable, which is suitable for different head forms.

Detachable panel design
Helping the phone to cool down

Detachable front panel with heat emission holes can help to rapidly cool down and bring you better wearing experience.

Suitable for phones with different sizes
Suitable for smart phones with screen from  4.5 to 6.0 inches

Suitable for smart phones with screen from 4.5 to 6.0 inches in the market high definition, better display effect

Breakthrough on content
Better and more movie sources

Say goodbye to the noisy cinema and start your own custom- made theater Thousands of movies and games are waiting for you!

Feeling boring?
Wear your SHINECON G02A!

It includes 90% of the new movies, and popular TV dramas, bringing you extraordinary movie- watching experience.

Enjoying VR games
In the virtual game space, you may meet anything beyond your imagine. In VR games, being your own hero!

Virtual reality effect
Here is the screenshot of virtual reality effect which you can see through VR glasses

Breakthrough on details
Consistent high quality

Wearing SHINECON G02A and you will feel our sincerity on every component. High quality and low price, that's what we want to provide you all the time.

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MaterialGlass: HD Optical Resin
Compatibility4.7 - 6 inch smartphones
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VR Shinecon Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses for Smart Device 4.7-6"

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