15823 Larmor Glass LCD Screen Protector for Canon EOS 77D 2010 Gear Protection LARMOR

Larmor Glass LCD Screen Protector for Canon EOS 77D (127646)

$28.00 28.00
Product Overview
  • Automatic installation activated by touch

  • Impact resistant and shatter proof

  • Adhesive free

  • Anti glare

  • Smudge resistant

  • Touch and Swivel screen compatible

  • No glue residue after removal

  • Frame design

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Please note, if your camera has a swivel screen, you may find it's hard to close the screen again after the protector is installed, this is totally normal and not a product fault.

As the screen is protected by the glass protector, there's no need to close the screen as before.

Nothing beats clarity of the optical glass. Not only LARMOR will protect your camera LCD screen from scratches and damage, but it is also designed to be work with touch screen and swivel screen on modern cameras.

LARMOR protectors do not use glue - they connect to the LCD screen with a strong silicon adhesive for fast, easy and gapless installation without affecting the sensitivity of the touch screen.

They also ultra thin - just 0.3mm.

LARMOR protectors have a frame design makes them look and feel like they are part of the camera.

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Larmor Glass LCD Screen Protector for Canon EOS 77D


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