13290 Ryoko Luxor Camera Strap - Hand Made - finest Italian Full Grain Leather 2011 Camera Straps & Harnesses RYOKO

Ryoko Luxor Camera Strap - Hand Made - finest Italian Full Grain Leather (124237)

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Perfect to effortlessly carry your camera through the day. Ready to click whenever you want. Classic and Unique.

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The Ryoko Luxor Camera Strap is a sleek combination between leather and canvas. Comfortable to use thanks to the wide padding around the shoulder/neck area. Adjustable length for people who want to use it in different ways. We also provide you a leather bumper to protect your camera from scratching.

  • Ideal for DSLR, rangefinder, mirrorless system. However please avoid using this strap with heavy telephoto lens as it can put excessive pressure on the strap and also strain your neck. If you are not sure if it will fit your camera, please contact us.

  • Finest Italian leather "Full Grain Oil Pull-up" only. Extra-soft inner lining around the neck support area to make it more comfortable to use through the day. The more you use, the softer it will be.

  • Strong and sturdy with the length adjustable from 45 inch to 53 inch and width 2 inch. Adjustable to be a neck or cross-body through a solid brass buckle.The brass buckles are high quality and give the leather strap a beautiful classic look.

  • Hand-stitched with Japanese waxed thread by using traditional "running stitch" method providing a stronger and more durable construction.

  • Colored using aniline dyes that makes the leather more supple, smooth and rich in color. Additionally, the oil acts as a protective layer that prevents water from leaking into the leather.

  • The edges and lining are hand buffed with our tools to make them more pleasant to the touch and last a lifetime. The strap is made individually and assembled with high attention to detail.

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Ryoko Luxor Camera Strap


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