14431 Tenba Messenger Wrap 22 inches (55cm) - Black 2007 Camera Bags Tenba

Tenba Messenger Wrap 22 inches (55cm) - Black (125949)

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Product Overview

Capacity: Laptop up to 17 inches or other oversized gear

Shipping: $9.90

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Call it a laptop wrap; computer case wrap; or long lens wrap — Tenba Messenger Wraps provide safe, portable storage for any delicate equipment that needs an extra layer of protection. The 22-inch Messenger Wrap is a perfect laptop wrap for computers up to 17-inches, plus long lenses up to 300mm 2.8. As larger luggage gets bumped and tossed around during travel, Tenba Messenger Wraps will keep your laptop, lenses and other delicate gear safe and secure.
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Tenba Messenger Wrap 22 inches (55cm) - Black


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