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Combine Fashion with Convenience with Barber Shop Bags and Straps

Lugging around your camera and accessories has never been so stylish or easy. No more chunky bags that are difficult to carry or don’t fit all of the essentials. If you need to get your camera from one shoot to the next without worrying about damage, Barber Shop has you covered. With a delicious choice of Barber Shop camera straps and bags for you to choose from online, digiDIRECT makes ordering a breeze.

We love the style and quality that comes from this brand, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with them too. Made from leather in Italy, the camera bags are large enough to carry 3 DSLRs, lenses, an iPad and more; everything you need to complete your next project with ease. Complete with interior dividers and padding, it will protect your precious equipment while in transit too so you can work on the go with ease. Perfect for novice photographers or paid professionals alike.

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